Why I Love my Dogs: A List

Maxie and Zeppie having a suntan

Lately, as my kids have been getting older, I’ve been hanging out a lot more with my dogs.  My sister, who writes at RunReadRecipe says I’m a crazy dog lady. But, there’s actually a method to my madness and a rhyme to my reason. Here’s  why I like hanging out with my dogs:

1.  They act REALLY excited when I get home.  From anywhere. Even if I just came back from the garage.

2.  They only need bathing once a month, and they dry themselves by running around. 

3.  They eat whatever I feed them. 

4.  They don’t ask for money. 

5.  If I ignore them, they just go to sleep.

6.  I can leave them alone all day and they just sleep.

7.  They love to lie with me or do whatever I want.

Proud to wear my Crazy Dog Lady Badge


8.  They only want love (and to steal my lunch).

9.  They make me feel special;  like the whole world revolves around me.

10.  Their favorite game is fetch-the-ball, which is totally free.

11.  They don’t bicker or punch each other (well actually they do steal each other’s snacks, bug each other, and fight, but it seems to be cute when dogs do it)

12.  They’re friends with anyone who will pat them (human) or sniffs their bum (canine).

13.  They don’t hold grudges.

14.   They don’t ask for video games, books, clothes, or money for movies.

And…The top reason Why I love my dogs is…

15.  Because they love me so much they cry when they see me. (And frankly, even my kids never did that.)