My Shih-poo(p) is having an identity crisis

So, this is my dog. His name is Zeppelin. He is not the brightest light bulb at the Home Depot. He’s more like the econo-lighting that’s slightly dim and when you do your makeup by said econo lighting you come out all orangey-looking with a nice line around your chin and big red clown circles on your cheeks. Put it this way. Up in Doggie heaven when Zeppie was waiting to be born, there were two line ups. One was for beauty and the other was for brains. Zeppie waited a long time for beauty, and was well-rewarded. But then, when it was time to line up for brains, he got bored and wandered off.

Zeppelin the Shih-Poo

Notwithstanding his intellect, Zeppelin is the sweetest dog. He’s mischievous and a bit naughty. He loves to cuddle. Wherever you are he’ll lie on top of you and try to make you feel special. That’s until he tries to french kiss you after licking his..ummm…man bits. Rather zealously, I might add. Both the man-bits licking and the attempted french kissing.

Zeppie does some quintessentially doggie-like things. For example, when he’s hungry, he pushes his bowl around with his nose until you give him food. When someone’s at the door, he howls like a Werewolf (amazing that something so small can make a noise so large). When you’re mad at him, or my other dog wants to bully him, he plays dead on the floor, peering out with one evil eye. He steals food, and is a complete destructo when it comes to toys.

Zeppelin the Shih-poo playing dead

To back track, I’ve had dogs all my life and have never had any trouble training any of them- until Zeppelin. Even when we had a British Bulldog named Daisy who was probably the worst behaved dog in Canada (believe me when I say I identified with the entire book of Marley and Me), and who smelled like a dirty pair of underwear, I didn’t have trouble with the potty training. It took me six months to train this boy dog. We used to call him stealth because he would just be standing there, and then he’d walk away and there’d be a puddle or a dump (or both) on the floor. Then he’d look all innocent and dive in for a hug. But, eventually it was done. The accidents were over. That is until recently.

Lately, he’s developed a curious habit which leads me to believe he’s having an identity crisis. Much like someone who feels like they were born in the wrong, body, I find that he’s become a bit confused as to his place in the world, and possibly because we *may* have spoiled him just a bit. What makes me think all of this?

Well, in the last three days, Zeppelin has had two poopy accidents in my house. Sure, that happens right? He’s a dog after all. Well, this dog who is a dog’s dog and does all kinds of stereotypically doggie things, has taken to making doody in my bathroom. Right in front of the toilet!

Now I’m no pet expert, but I’m pretty sure he’s trying to send me a messsage. And they say its a dog’s life….