Living in my head. Don’t try this at home.

I have a very fast moving brain.  My thoughts hop from place to place, probably faster than most people can construct one sentence.  Often times, I’ll jump from topic to topic in conversation, which obviously can be frustrating to others whose brains do not do that.  I  have been accused of being scattered, a voracious interrupter, unfocused, or even (the horror) RUDE but really its my thought processes just making their merry way about.

Recently, my sister came to Moksha Yoga with me.  She said, ‘Now I see why you like it.  It calms your mind.’ And she’s right. Sort of.  It is a concerted effort for me to lower the speed of my thought processes.

Today, even though the class was excellent, whenever I was still, the wheels started turning  Wanna know what was going on in my head during yoga today?

OY! I have so much work to do. Should I do it tonight and then I won’t be as pressured tomorrow? Well, if I do it tonight then I won’t be able to to do anything else. I really need a hair cut. When do I have time to get a hair cut? Oh shit one of my nails is broken. When do I have time to do my nails. If I get a hair cut and my nails in the same day will my husband think I’m abandoning the family? What if I don’t have time cuz I have so much work to do. If I get a haircut Wednesday then I won’t be able to go to yoga wednesday. If we are going to Buffalo I won’t be able to go to Yoga for two days so I have to go on Wednesday. Oh wait, I can’t go Wednesday because I have to get my nail fixed. Well if I get my nail fixed Saturday then I can get a haircut wednesday. But, what about yoga? How can I go three days without yoga? My arms look fat right now. Last time I came to yoga I looked thin. How do I look fat today? Oh, look at my hair sticking up. I forgot to book a haircut.  After yoga I have to buy salad to have with dinner.  Should I buy ready made or lettuce?  My water is warm.  That guy is really sweaty. Oh, wow! My Shellac on my toes still looks really good.  I’m sweaty. I forgot to take off my mascara.  Did I answer that email? How should I rewrite that part of the training? Is there anyway I can get it all done on time?  Boy, I have a lot of work today.

And then, we changed position.  Namaste.

Editor’s Note(I always wanted to say that): I’m not making fun of rude behaviour.  I am definitely working on my interrupting (let’s call it enthusiasm) Every one is a Work in Progress!!