Top Five Holiday Calorie Savers: Chick Style

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain (source: Hive Health


I’ve been very busy writing my NaNoWriMo booklet, or pretending to and going out for lunch etc instead.  (Just in case you were wondering, that large cash prize hasn’t arrived yet.)

So, in the spirit of not neglecting my blog, I begged solicited for guest bloggers.

I was lucky to that Amanda from Fit Chicks offered to write up some healthy tips as the holidays approach. Between American Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas, we can all use some excellent advice.  No one wants to use their holiday dollars on larger pants, that’s for sure!!  I totally agree with all of her points, but I’m definitely on the fence about #5.  But, I’ll consider it. We’ll see how annoying my family is.

So, without further ado:

There is so much temptation around the holidays, with delish treats and sweet cocktails everywhere you feel like you are constantly testing your willpower – and lets be honest you really are. I mean you run into the host who tells you to “clean your plate” or is piling on the seconds before you are even done your first helping. Or the sabotaging co-worker that brings you a “special” treat daily to bring on the cheer or even worse the feeling that just one chocolate wont kill you – but how many of us can really just eat one?
Here are 5 healthy tips to incorporate into your holidays so you can indulge sensibly (aka eat your treats!) without piling on the pounds!
1. Cut the Christmas Coffees
Seems every coffee shop has holiday themed bevvies like Egg Nog Lattes and Candy Cane Hot Chocolates – these can add huge calories to your day without filling you up! (A Starbucks grande egg nog latte has a whopping 470 calories!) Skip these and instead opt for zero-calorie yummy festive herbal teas like chocolate peppermint and gingerbread instead.
2. Look HOT for the Holidays
Wear your sexy skinny jeans or a form fitting dress to holiday parties and dinners. You won’t be able to get away with stuffing yourself if you aren’t wearing the buffet pants! Also this is a great indicator if they are starting to feel a little snug that is is time to ease off those cupcakes stat!
3. Go Home Alone
Without treats that is. Just say no to bringing home leftovers and leave all the treats at the office. It’s ok to indulge if you are out somewhere special, just make your home a “no treat” zone and you will save yourself a lot of calories and guilt!
4. Always have a Perfect Plate
Keep your plate balanced by filling it with 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbs (that includes desserts – not they do not deserve a plate of their own!) Don’t overstuff your plate, just take what you really want, and never have seconds. You’ll be perfectly satisfied and won’t leave the table feeling like an over-stuffed turkey!
5. Be the Designated Driver
Cutting down on booze saves a ton of calories. Festive bevvies pack in a ton of calories – 1 rum and eggnog will cost you an insane 470 calories, and holiday punch can pack a huge punch at about 250 calories a cup. Plus you won’t start mindlessly munching on goodies if you’re not too tipsy to care! Sipping on sparking water with lemon and making sure your friends get home safely will have a huge impact on how you look and feel.
If you slip up and overindulge one day, forget the guilt as this usually leads to more guilt which in turn becomes emotional eating and well we all know that when you are feeling blue you are not reaching for the carrot sticks! So get back on the healthy eating bandwagon and know, it’s not one meal that gets you into trouble, it’s forgetting all about health and eating everything in sight for that can leave you 10 pounds heavier by New Year.
So follow these simple steps and end the holidays in the same pants as your started them in!
Amanda Quinn is Co Founder / Head Chick of FIT CHICKS, a Canadian based women’s only fitness company.  FIT CHICKS offers 8 week bootcamp programs at over 35 locations across Canada as well as fitness / nutrition challenges, workshops and recently launched FIT CHICKS Gear, a line of workout clothing for women. She is Certified Personal Trainer with Canfit Pro, Certified Ashtanga yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance as well as a Level 1 Kickboxing Instructor. Amanda is also a regular contributor and fitness blogger at
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