Guest Post: Michelle Duggar: She scares me….really.

I’m loving all of my guest posts!! This particular one was on my request.  I am fascinated by Michelle Duggar, and more particularly her lady bits.  I wanted to know what having 20 babies would do to a woman’s pelvic floor.  So I went to my favourite pelvic floor expert, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh for some answers, and asked her to share her thoughts on the state of Mrs. Duggar’s privates.  What I actually asked was whether she thought Michelle Duggar was actually having twins, but was storing  the extra baby up there for a spare (ya know, like a Kangaroo), or if her cervix is now so stretched out that she can use it to keep the potatoes fresh for dinner time.  Samantha had these answers for me.  I enjoyed them, and I hope you do too!!

So I was in my car driving to my client’s house when I heard the announcement on the radio; “ The infamous Duggar clan is expecting their 20th child”. Unbeknownst to me I yelled out “WHAT?!!”, then quickly looked around as I forgot that I was at a red light and had my window down.

Wow…that pretty much sums it up. She’s a trouper – that’s a very kind description. No, she’s an amazon, God, warrior of (literally) a tribe! There are days when I want to run away – far away from my children and there are only 2!! When you’re living with 20, how are you even able to take (what my husband eloquently refers to as a dump), never mind have the 5 minutes to be alone with your partner, and then have sex??

As I’m sure the Duggar’s place is probably locked down like Fort Knox, clearly there are no “locks” where she needs it!! Or maybe she’s just hiding one in there like a spare so if they ever get “bored”, SHAZZAM! Sigh.

All joking aside, I really am not one to judge. Like I’m sure 90% of the world population is saying “better her than me”. They’re are devout Christians and although I don’t have a religious bone in my body, I respect other people’s beliefs and how they wish to live their lives.

However….being an exercise expert who specializes in exercise in pregnancy and postpartum, I can not even imagine (I cringe) at the mere thought of (never mind her abs – I’m sure she’s so over it), but what the heck is she doing to her pelvic floor?? If the average woman experiences some degree of pelvic floor damage after a vaginal delivery from their 1st child, what are the “stats” after 20?? Ok crossing my legs now.

But I guess by this point, after you have 3, why not have 17 more???? And that pelvic floor is so tapped, she probably burps and the doctor just stands back and waits with a catcher’s mitt. It will be interesting to see if she’s the next spokesperson for Depends or on the other hand, she could develop the next pelvic floor exercise video and give Dr. Arnold Kegel a run for his money.

A girl can dream, can’t she??

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh is the mother of two beautiful girls and the founder of Core Expectations, Toronto’s only full service team that delivers personal training, abdominal rehabilitation and other support services to the homes and offices of pregnant women and new moms across the GTA.

Core Expectations: Samantha Montpetit-Huynh