I’m Changing My Life… in 21 Days

So, while Operation Housewife may not be the favourite thing I’ve ever done in my life, equatable only with cleaning out the basement and standing in line for airport security, I realize that my last post was a bit whiney and self-indulgent.  I’m a grown up lady (well for all intents and purposes) and I can certainly do laundry and household chores and/or direct the troops teenagers to do my work for me.

I received my monthly subscription to Chatelaine Magazine a few days ago, and the main headline really caught my eye

Chatelaine Magazine, January 201

REFRESH!! It says. CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 21 DAYS!  It says.  I could use some refreshing.  And, I could use some changing (I mean, who couldn’t?)  I want to get more energy, sleep more, and stress less.  Therefore, I decided to CHANGE MY LIFE IN 21 DAYS.  And, since I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions because nobody ever keeps them and its one more thing to feel guilty about or beat ourselves up about, I decided to start my 21 days NOW!  On December 14th.

Everyday, I’ll be posting a short video or blog post talking about that days ‘change’.  So, enjoy day 1!

I’d LOVE you to join in on this challenge so put your blog URL in the comments.

I can’t use a linky tool since I’m on the free WordPress.com which often doesn’t feel free but mostly feels like a burden.

Maybe that’s one of the ways I should change my life…hmmm. Self Hosting…Day 22.