Guest Post: The Mother of All Lies

There’s a blog that I somehow happened upon last year that I totally love.  Its called ‘All Fooked Up’. That blog’s mommy, Lynn MacDonald, starting a Thursday feature a few months ago called GO AHEAD AND AMUSE ME.

In this feature, funny bloggers, or rather, just funny people, are featured.  Now, before you get excited and think that I got chosen for some kind of award or something, I submitted myself.  Because, Lynn amuses me frequently, and I wanted to amuse her.  Plus, the other folks she has featured on Go Ahead and Amuse me are HILARIOUS.  I had big boots to fill (big black leather ones worn over a red suit), and hopefully I did, with this anecdote about my kids, the big jolly guy, and a little fairy who loves teeth.

Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and Me

So, go, enjoy, and I hope I amuse you too!