My Why The Hell Not (WTHN) List

I totally thought I was cool until I saw a post on Facebook about YOLO.  Not Yo-Yo.  YOLO.




I clicked on the link because I thought it was about chocolate, you know like ROLO.  Only, it wasn’t.  It’s an acronym for, as defined by,


 You Only Live Once

Mainly used to defend doing something stupid, ranging from mild to extreme stupidity.


What a concept, I thought to myself.  A license to act stupidly.  Like people need one, really… And, graded. For level of stupidity.  On a continuum from mild to extreme.  I’m assuming the TV show/ movie Jackass constitute the far end of the continuum while walking around with water bottles filled with wine lives at the other end. (I’ve done one of those. Guess which one.)


I asked my daughter if she knew about YOLO.

Mooooom…EVERYone knows about YOLO.  It’s been around FOREVER.  It’s almost goooone now.  (That’s how she talks. I swear. It’s as annoying as it seems.)


And my thought? Well, of course it must be on it’s way out if I just found out about it.

Apparently, though, now there is a backlash.  Against this license to be stupid.  Now, remember, I’m just recapping what I’ve read, because I had no idea all of this was going on. So I cannot form or express an opinion of whether there needs to be a movement against YOLO.  It wasn’t on Twitter, you see.  So, I didn’t know…..


Oh, yes, the backlash.  There was a backlash because folks were interpreting YOLO to mean they should do things like this:



Which is not illegal in Toronto, where I live, and would only fall into the extremely stupid category if it was very sunny out or you were my age and tried to show people your boobs.


No, Folks were saying YOLO should be more like this



Now, being ever so diplomatic, I’ve decided to interpret YOLO somewhere in the middle ground that falls between completely insane and my ordinary life. I’ve  renamed it the Why the Hell Not  List (Catchy, right?), and intend it to replace any manner of Bucket List, which I don’t like since bucket lists are a reminder of everything I totally want to do, but probably never will.  Instead, this WTHN list is a compilation of things I intend to do-daily, weekly, or as soon as the dollars present themselves.


This is a list not of desire, but of INTENTION.



My WTHN List

To see graphical representations of these points, please direct yourself to Pinterest.  You won’t be sorry, really. Especially regarding point #1)

1.  Openly ogle young men and their abs, particularly the cast of Magic Mike.  And firefighters.  And my daughter’s friends.  If possible, be picked up by them and / or find opportunities to touch their muscles.

2.  Pretend the dryer shrunk my clothes.

3.  Drink Mojitos for lunch, get tipsy, and flirt with passersby.

4. Enjoy the occasional nooner.  Hopefully with my significant other.

5. Travel to Bora Bora and stay in a grass hut onto of the water.

6.  Read as much lady porn as my e-reader holds.

7. Have one or more movie star crushes and talk about them openly.

8.  Wear age inappropriate outfits.

9.  Give a lap dance (I don’t need to put dance on a bar because I’ve already done that).

10. Leave the house a huge mess and not feel guilty.

11. Go to India and stay on an Ashram.

12.  Say NO.

13. Get a tattoo.

14.  Be sexy all the time.  But in a librarian kind of way.

15.  Write books.

16.  Laugh all the time.

17. Drink wine at a movie theatre.

18. Stand on my head thereby overcoming my fear of being upside down.

19.  Convince people that it’s ok that I’m slightly crazy.

20.  Be nice to everyone (this one is going to be HARD).


(This list is a work in progress and will be updated via Pinterest).


What does your WTHN list look like”?  I’ll bet it doesn’t include nude skydiving.  Or does it?