Destined to Play: Freaky Like an Addiction

So, yeah, we’re all (or is it just me) into what I like to call sex books.  I’ve ready 50 Shades of Grey, Bared to You, Gabriel’s Inferno & his Rapture, plus assorted other assorted romantic wordsets designed to get my ooh-ahhhhh going.  So, of course, when I spotted little Facebook ads (obviously those do work) touting the newest in the genre, entitled Destined to Play by Indigo Bloome, I was… umm… interested.



I connected with the publisher, Harper Collins Canada, and they were kind enough to provide me with an e-copy. Don’t you love e-copies? a)receiving them is much faster than the mail; and b) you can read your sex books on an airplane.  Do you think I did that? You bet. And maybe so did the guy next to me.


Back to the novel.  Destined to Play is about fantasy, control, freaky sex, and the indelible bonds that can hold you to someone else.  Dr. Alexandra Blake is about to deliver a series of prestitious lectures. She’s a well-known psychologist in Australia, and studies the effect of the senses on one’s perceptions.  While away (conveniently her husband and children will be on a wilderness trip with no contact), she is set to meet up with her old university best-friend (and ex-weird sex-lover), Dr. Jeremy Quinn.  Dr. Quinn is a world-renowned physician, handsome, rich, and seemingly without ties to anyone.


Her stomach full of butterflies, Alexandra is unsure how their meeting will go. She and Jeremy have an undeniable bond and extremely volatile sexual attraction.  Her marriage has become a shell, and it seems she is at a crossroads.  In this state of mind, she meets with Jeremy at his hotel where he presents her with an extraordinarily strange proposition.  Supposedly inspired by the lecture she gave that morning, he asks her to spend 48 hours with him, blind, and completely at his mercy.  For some reason, she agrees to his proposal.


And so follows a totally creepy, yet somehow mesmerizing, story of love, control, trust, and erotic experimentation.


What I liked:  I really like that the characters of Alexandra and Jeremy were over 30.  Much of the current popular erotica features young characters, which alienates me a bit.   Bloome obviously has a great imagination.  This story was unlike anything I’ve ever read, which generally is refreshing, but this time freaked me out a bit.  She really seems to grasp on the idea of unfulfilled fantasy, and really whether a person would ever want to live out their imagined sexual lives.  The details were well researched, and the characters, their motivations, and emotions were well fleshed out.  The erotic scenes were mostly breath-holding, slightly cringe-worthy, and all sensual.  Many of them were written as flashbacks which helped to build the tension of the novel.  The writing was good, not great, but much better than some of the erotic fiction that’ out there, and totally readable. The ending was amazing. Unexpected.  Totally made the book for me. And sure to lead to a sequel which will probably creep us out (in a good way) even more.


What I didn’t like:  Some of the writing was a bit forced.  I could see Bloome reaching greatness with some mindful editing.  At times, I felt uncomfortable reading this book. Maybe it’s the prude in me, but there were a few freak-show moments, which of course left me wondering why I liked reading them so much, which in turn led to the discomfort.  But. maybe that was the whole point of the book-to push us to the edge along with Alexandra.


Recommend Factor:  7/10

Unputdownable Factor: 7/10


Words to describe Destined to Play:  original, freaky, kinky, uncomfortable, readable, gossip-worthy