Why I was Smelling Myself All Day. In a Good Way

Viktor & Rolf SpiceBomb men's cologne


I’m addicted to makeup.


To clarify, I don’t actually LOVE wearing make-up because I have to take it off, or so they* tell me and I’m not really a late night person. (Or a morning person. I’m really a mid-day person. But, that’s a whole other story.) But I really LIKE wearing makeup because it makes me feel pretty and not like an old, tired hag who can carry 17 fishermen’s backpacks in her undereye circles.


I absolutely adore shopping for cosmetics. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and attractive displays (read Sephora).  My favorite activites are to try on new shades of nude lipgloss (I think my arsenal is up to about 17) and new tones of neutral eyeshadows (have you checked out the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? Orgasmic.) Speaking of orgasmic, Nars Orgasm blush is god’s gift to women over 40. It LITERALLY gives you a beautiful tint to your cheeks just like after you’ve had a….great workout and sleep (minds out of the gutter..AGAIN?!)


A while ago, I spent some time on the Sephora website (newsletters with pretty new things. Damn them to hell.)  That particular instance of online shopping was a stealth mission due to my husband’s callous inappreciation for the value of my essential items How much did that eyeliner cost? Seriously? He seems to appreciate the goddess-y result, but where does he think all that gorgeous comes from?   


From full size-sampler gift sets, that’s where.


Long story longer, I may or may not have chosen a few items to be shipped to my house, and that were intended to subtly enhance my naturally sallow skin, nearly nonexistent lashes, thin, colourless lips, and potentially wrinkled forehead.  I mean, when you buy the items in specially compiled combinations, it’s almost like some of the pieces are free (especially the ones you wouldn’t have bought anyways. Yes I’m a total mark.)




When you buy stuff from Sephora online you get to pick free samples. Little tiny tubes of this, sweet little vials of that. One of my samples was a men’s cologne called Spice Bomb by Viktor and Rolf.




Does that stuff ever smell like hot, sexy man.  It is THE best smell I’ve ever smelled in the history of smelling. How do I know this? Did I give it to my husband to wear? Well, no, because then he would want to know where I got it, and frankly that would open up a whole ‘nother can of worms that no amount of cowboys could save me from.


This is what Spice Bomb smells like….

And THAT is what I smelled like all day.


Because I know what Spice Bomb smells like because I liberally spritzed myself with it.


And now, I want to date myself. Or at least cop a feel.


If you are thinking of a nice gift for the man in your life that benefits you in a number of ways, I’m telling you that Spicebomb is just the ticket. Trust me.


You can thank me later.


*Who is this they my mother always referred to? 


I was not compensated for this post by Sephora. In fact, they don’t even respond to my tweets which makes me feel like crushing an eyeshadow or something.  Like WHY be on Twitter if you don’t want to talk to your fans? And yet another post…