My Long Distance Love Story with SPOKEnPHOTO

A picture may tell a thousand words, but a thousand words makes a photo album even more special.


Sometimes Words Make the Picture
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I like looking at photographs. But, even more than that, I like taking them.


I like taking pictures so much that when my daughter was born I took so many rolls of her sleeping in her bassinet that my husband confiscated the camera. I like taking pictures so much that my camera sometimes weeps. I like taking pictures so much that my teenagers and dogs take off running when they see me lifting my iPhone. I like taking pictures so much that….well, you get the picture. Pun intended.


The problemo is, I don’t usually do anything with my photos. They either sit in a box, or a hard drive, or a portable hard drive, or even a CD. Put it this way, my daughter is at University, and I still haven’t made her Bat-Mitzvah album.


But, sometimes, one gets the impulse to do something with one’s photos. But, making a full ALBUM is so much work, so one gets distracted with butterflies and stuff.


But, then, one gets introduced to an EASY way to assemble an album and make it meaningful, and then one is very amenable to the idea.


I’m speaking of course about me. And SPOKEnPHOTO Album for iPad.  This app is so amazing. Why? Because it’s an easy way to create and share photo albums.


But that’s not all..


You can attach voice notes to any photo you want, making viewing the album a uniquely personal experience.


But that’s not all…


You can send voice requests to other people so THEY can add their voice notes to your photos.


But that’s not all…


You can send the albums to people who live far away but close in your heart, for viewing online or on their own iPads.




I’m part of the SPOKEnPHOTO Launch Project called ‘Long Distance Love Stories’.



Are You a Long Distance Lover?
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My beautiful daughter now lives an hour away. (Leaving me alone in a house with stinky, sweaty men and men-in-training, I might I add.)


She is MY long-distance love story.  And, I want her to know that. So, I was excited to try out the new iPad app by SPOKE Technologies called SPOKEnPHOTO. They’re launching December 11, 2012 with ‘Long Distance Love Stories‘ as told by moms just like me.


Talking photos fit between photo-sharing and video. They add an extra dimension of personalization and story-telling to photo-sharing, and they don’t require the skill of controlling many variables for a video. 


The new SPOKEnPHOTO Album App is the only app that lets you create and share talking photo collections with the look and feel of a real photo album. It lets you give the gift of your voice to long distance loved ones.


With the message I can attach to my photos, my girl will know exactly how I feel about her. And, that’s what is so great about these albums-you not only can view the pictures, but you can hear the sender’s voice.  I know that when I was away at University, I would have loved to have an album with personal messages from my parents and brothers and sisters.


SPOKEnPHOTO long distance love story

SPOKEnPHOTO Long Distance Love Story


You can view my album here. I’m sure with practice, my albums will get way prettier. I could actually see this SPOKEn album thing getting completely out of hand.


Also, for iPhonographers like me (aka people who forget where they put their cameras the SPOKEnPHOTO Album app also works together with the SPOKEnPHOTO iPhone app so you can capture talking photo moments and then collect them into memories on your iPad.


SPOKEnPHOTO Album for iPad:

  • Free app that lets users create and share talking photo collections that have the look and feel of a real photo album.
  • Drag and drop photos into photo albums: from your iPad, Facebook, or iPhone app
  • Record your voice on your photos
  • Request others to record their stories on photos – Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Create and manage albums on your Bookshelf and Spoken Photos in your Gallery
  • Recipients can view album online or on iPad app



You can get the app for yourself here. (I highly recommend it, and am already planning my next SPOKEnPHOTO album but I can’t tell you what it’s for because it’s a secret.)





For more information about SPOKE Technologies, visit their website.


 Disclosure:  I am part of a group of social media moms who were selected to participate in the launch of SPOKEnPHOTO and the ‘Long Distance Love Stories’ Album.  I was compensated for my participation in this program. All opinions are my own, and my opinion is that I LOVE it.