10 Tips for Festive Fun from Metro! Aka How to Make a Party Without Doing Any Work

Holiday party planning-the bar

Holiday Party Planning

While I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, I do like a good holiday party. From Chanukah festivities to get-togethers, to New Years, it’s fun to have friends gather for great food, drinks, laughter and of course, a lot of silliness.


irresistables hot appetizers

Irresistables Saves the Day


Time for a holiday party with the help of Metro and Irresistables

Time for a Holiday Party with Metro


holiday party planning with metro hot appetizers

Mediterranean and Indian Hot Appetizers plus Portobello Swiss Meatballs from Irresistables


For the first time in a long time, I’m going to be away for New Year’s Eve. But, I still wanted to share some festivities with my closest friends. Thanks to Metro and their Irresistables brand of products, I made it happen.


And, it was the easiest party I’ve ever thrown.


I followed a few of the tips that they shared with me, and voila. One of the best parties I’ve ever thrown.


PS, #10 was the most important tip for me. Because I used easy-to-prepare items, I made everything, laid it out on a big buffet, and then just enjoyed.


Brie with Cranberry Pomegranate jelly and walnuts

Irresistables Baked Brie with Cranberry Pomegranate Jelly and Walnuts


  1. Creative serving – Instead of communal bowls of nuts, try a more eye catching and hygienic presentation by putting snacks in clear-glass, narrow-necked decanters. Guests can pour nut and trail mixes themselves, and it looks great, too!
  2. Stagger serving times – If all food is served at the start of the night, guests are likely to gorge and go home early. Keep your party hopping by serving your tasty hors d’oeuvres all night long.
  3. Impress with a signature cocktail – Channel your inner mixologist and offer guests a unique signature cocktail for your holiday party. Be sure to have other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to offer alongside this cocktail.
  4. Prep in advance – The ‘day of’ for the party planner is always hectic! Between set up, last minute errands, and wrangling the kids – stress is high. Try prepping what you can a few days before. Things like fruit trays, cheese and cracker platters and Swedish meatballs can all be put together a day or two in advance.
  5. Presentation is everything – When preparing food trays and hors d’oeuvres platters, have fun! Use the Canadian winter landscape as inspiration by placing pinecones and frosted pine needles in your tray display.
  6. Fast and fancy – Limited time? Solicit the help of the frozen food aisle! Metro’s private label line, Irresistibles, offers delicious appetizers perfect for party planners, with selection and creativity covered.
  7. Tidy as you go – No one likes waking up to a mess, by tidying bit by bit during your party, the house will be kept clean for your guests, too!
  8. Set the ambiance – A beautiful candle display can never go wrong at a holiday party
  9. Provide plenty of options – Be sure to provide an assortment of appetizer options at your holiday bash to keep all types of appetites full and happy!
  10. Enjoy yourself – This is your party, too! You’ve worked hard and it’s important to enjoy the environment, interact with your guests and taste your delicious treats!

Happy Holidays everyone! Here’s to an amazing 2013!!


Also, who wants the fruitcake?


Disclosure: I was provided a basket of goodies and a gift card by Metro so that I could create this amazing party for my friends.