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Not only have I started sharing my own recipes with y’all, now I’m also going to share the best of an amazing group of cooks I know. We’re Good Eats and every week, we share one recipe with each other. Good Times. It’s like a built-in cooking channel. Very convenient.


We’ve got a Pinterest Board you can follow too. But, to make it easy, I’ll pick four dishes each week that have tickled my taste buds.


Good Eats Friday May 10

Good Eats Friday May 10: Bacon, Zucchini, and Breakfast for Dinner


This week, I’ve got bacon two ways (my boys will be thrilled), my husband’s absolute favorite comfort food, and stealth health. So, without further ado…


Spring greens, eggs, bacon.. How good do those sound. Not only does Foodie Prints share a delicious recipe for Spaghetti Carbonara, she gives lots of tips and tricks for the preparation of this deceptively simple dish. If you love Carbonara, but don’t want to prepare it with raw eggs, this is is definitely the recipe for you. Did I mention bacon? My teenagers will eat anything as long as there’s bacon. 


Next, is my personal favorite supper for when I’m too lazy to cook: Breakfast for Dinner. Becky at A Bit of Momsense rustles up a gorgeous but quick meal that includes bacon potato hash, a perfectly fried egg, and something called Thorbread. Her food always looks so gorgeous too. (And fried potatoes are one of my secret indulgences. You didn’t know that, did you…)


If I like breakfast for dinner, my husband absolutely adores comfort food. When we were first married, I used to make tuna casserole for him. I did sometimes cheat with boxed macaroni, but what did I know. I wish I’d had this amazing recipe from Ottawa Valley Moms. MMM. Good. Personally, I think this is a great meal to make for your kids tomorrow night so you can go out on the town.


Ever wonder how you can get some extra veggies into your kids? How about grating some zucchini into chocolate quick bread? Personally, I can’t think of two ingredients that are better suited to each other, and neither can Canadian Moms Cook. Zucchini and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Give it a try.


Will you make any of these amazing recipes this week?



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