Good Eats Friday: The Long Weekend Edition

We’re heading into the first long-weekend of the summer, which means it’s time for al fresco eating, gardening, fireworks (according to my son, and not happening. Whoever gives a kid with ADHD fireworks deserves what they get), and boozing it up. I started my celebrations early with a big anniversary yesterday, and now I’m planning to hoot-it up all weekend (translate: finally use the Pimm’s Cup I brought back from the UK, pics to follow next week. Of the drink, not of the dancing we will do after drinking it.)


To get ready for the weekend, I’ve got some fantastic recipes to share with you from the Good Eats Fridays girls. Mouth. Is. Watering.


Good Eats Fridays Long Weekend Edition

Good Eats Fridays Long Weekend Edition


We’ve got two amazing BBQ dishes to fire up your grill. First, from Life in Pleasantville, your mouth will be watering for Nanny’s Chicken and Ribs. Now, apparently, these are the absolute best ever, so give them a try, and come back and let me know how they are. To make sure there’s something for everyone, why not add in these simple Chicken Wings from Kitchen Counter Chronicles? They look super easy, and to tell you the truth, that spice rub is something I’d keep in my kitchen all the time. The flavours look fantastic.



Finally, while wine is a fruit, and beer is a grain, it’s important to provide your patio guests with a well-rounded meal. So, Ghetto Foodie (the queen of fab, Mrs. Clooney herself, Cocktail Deeva) hopes you’ll try her Apple-Bacon Slaw with your chicken, chicken and ribs (oh wait, there’s apple in it too? More fruit. Extra healthy.)



Of course, there’s always the morning after. Weekend brunches wouldn’t be complete without a fabulous breakfast. Now, Ottawa Valley Moms was thinking we’d grill up some flank steak and pour this Bearnaise sauce over it. But me? I’m gonna make some Eggs Benedict with it. I’m a rebel, what can I say?


Bearnaise Sauce

Bearnaise SAuce



What are some of your favorite BBQ plates? Do you have a secret family recipe that you’d like to share? We promise, we won’t tell anyone.

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