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Sailun Track Day with PTPA


One of the funnest parts of being a blogger is getting to do cool things. Once in while I get the opportunity to do something really awesome. It’s not to say that going to parties and trying cocktails and such isn’t fun, because it is.


But, racing around pylons and burning rubber is just more fun.


That’s a fact.


For the last month I was a PTPA Media Ambassador for Sailun Tires. Have you heard of them? Well, until a few weeks ago, since they are fairly new players on the Canadian marketplace, I hadn’t either. And now, after testing them out, I’ll never forget them.


Sailun (a PTPA award winner)  is a tire company that fits into what is called the ‘value’ segment. This means that they are not one of the National or Tier Two companies (such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Yokohama). It also means that they are able to bring the best tires to their consumer at the best prices possible, while adhering to their core values of Quality, Performance, and Safety.


As an ambassador, I was invited to join Sailun in an amazingly fun track driving day. The goal of our day was to take the tires head-to-head against a competitor in blind driving tests.


To start with, we whizzed around what I like to call the short agility track (or go left, no go right). We drove fast, we took tight turns, and we sped up and stopped short. Then, we took the tires out again on a longer track. Primary goal? Smell the road and scare the bystanders. Not really. The goal was to see how the Sailun Tires fared against a more expensive tire. I found them to be stable, to grip the road well, and as I got my confidence, to take whatever I could dish out to them. In between our own turns, the instructors took us for a couple of crazy, stomach-churning rides around the course.


Good thing that last one was before lunch.


Quick Facts:

  • 50% of decisions about tire purchases are made by women
  • Price or name brand doesn’t have to to be a factor in performance. The Sailun tires more than held their own against their most expensive counterparts.
  • I would feel completely safe and comfortable trusting Sailun with my teen drivers
  • Snow tires are less expensive than you’d think, however much more important than you can imagine.
  • Learning about tires is really interesting.
Pictures are worth more than my 568 words…


From Sailun: 


Since establishment in 2002, Sailun Tires has combined its technical expertise with the innovations of its  research and development to design and manufacture value tires you can trust for all types of vehicles. Building on real world testing and continuing to develop proven products, Sailun will continue to build  cost-efficient tires. At Sailun we understand quality and safety are equally important as Value, that’s why we build tires that incorporate our core values.
Quality is a paramount in every function at every level. It is born in our products, but lives in the people  who work here. The services we provide to our customers is equally important to the products we sell.
Trust is earned over time through a commitment to our long term goals and understanding our customer’s needs.
Support is a promise we at Sailun make to be there before, during and after the sale. For our customers this means we are an organization that stands behind its products with policies and programs built to exceed expectations.
Sailun is more than a tread pattern; it is the engineering that goes into each tire.



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Good luck, and have fun on the open road.

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