My Playtime with the McCain It’s All Good Blog (and Some Crazy friends too)

MCCain It's All Good Blog-The Play My Boys Playing on the Beach

MCCain It’s All Good Blog-The Play
My Boys Playing on the Beach


You guys know that I love to play, right? Well, not actively, in a sports-type way. But, this girl loves to have fun. Like in a Practice Immaturity kind of way. So, it was a very good fit when the McCain It’s All Good blog invited me to be part of a roundtable on the topic of play.


I had a virtual sit-down with some pretty funny social media friends, Eric Alper and Dee Brun Gow. We did get a bit inappropriate (which is part of our play), but we also got a bit serious about the power of free time for kids, adult playtime (kept it clean), and the problems with competitiveness and overscheduling in our society.


Go check out the first article, The Power of Playtime, and let me know what you think. Do you agree? Disagree? How do you feel about giving your kids the time for free play?


Stay tuned for more great chats about play…


Note:  I was part of a roundtable that Mccain held on the topic of play. I was compensated for my participation in the roundtable, but as usual, all opinions are my very own. 





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