The Four Viral Videos I Just Can’t Stop Watching

The Four Viral Videos I Just Can't Stop Watching

The Four Viral Videos I Just Can’t Stop Watching-Apple, Westjet, Pantene Philippines, Coca Cola LifeThe Four


Some of my favourite video content over this holiday season has been from brands. Sure, yes, I know that they’re marketing and selling and making these videos hoping they’ll go viral and and that we’ll spread their message for them and buy lots of stuff. But, I can’t help but be touched by the effort they and their advertising and marketing and teams of people who get inside our heads have made to understand what we’re thinking about. To make us feel. To think. To spread joy and happiness.


These videos are so good that they don’t even make me care that the company is trying to sell me something. They just make me happy.


The first one is from WestJet. You’ve probably all see it already, but why not watch it again?


The Title: Westjet Miracle-Real-Time Giving


The message: elves are spreading happiness everywhere.


The dream: that there is a Santa, and when you tell a video screen at the airport your heart’s desire, it will be waiting for you at the other end of your flight. (Come on-you’ve all wished on a star for your dreams to come true, or hoped that a package of amazingness will just show up on your doorstep…).


Next, Apple.


The Title: Apple Holiday Ad-Misunderstood


The Message: Teenagers are AWESOME  and that we shouldn’t underestimate them.


The Dream: Family-time, love, making memories at the holidays. That all of our teenagers are as amazing as that boy. That we’ll remember not to misunderstand our teenagers and to give them a chance to be who they are and to share what’s so special about them in their own special ways.


Pantene Phillipines #ShineStrong campaign shoots us right into the ‘get thinking’ zone.


The Title: PantenePhillipines-Labels Against Women


The Message: You can’t deny it anymore-women and men are perceived differently in the boardroom. And that’s gotta change. Now.


The Dream: That when our daughters are tough and strong they won’t be called bitches.


And finally, Coca Cola (South American Style)


The Title: Coca Cola Life- Parenthood (it’s in spanish, I’m not really sure)


The Message: Parenting is both tough and rewarding.


The Dream: Oh, this is reality. You covet a baby, you have a baby, it’s hell for a while, and then you just can’t wait to do it again.



Did I miss any?

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