How to Make The BEST Popcorn on the Stove

Ok everyone knows that I’m a popcorn addict. I can eat popcorn for lunch and dinner (and sometimes breakfast). I’ve even been known to go to movies that I don’t want to see just to eat the popcorn (c’mon, you know you’ve done it. Don’t say you haven’t). Sometimes I eat it for lunch with a chaser of coffee, like this day. Granted, I was having a very bad day, technologically speaking, so this comforting combo was warranted.



While I love movie popcorn, sometimes the guilt of it’s complete and utter bad-for-you-ness overwhelms me (that yellow stuff can’t exactly be healthy!), plus, I’m totally not driving to the theatre every time I need a fix. AND.. I seem to be charcoal challenged when it comes to the microwave stuff (in addition, my microwave seems to be having an identity crisis and would probably burn the bag and leave the kernels cold). I can’t stand airpopped (may as well stuff my mouth with styrofoam) and I had this really great popcorn maker but of course, I lost some of the pieces (see the link for the microwave).


This is why I’ve resorted to the old-fashioned stove-top 1970s method (I’m sure it originates before that, but even I’m not THAT old). I remember when I was growing up my mother had an assigned popcorn pot (I come by all of this honestly.) It was permanently burned at the bottom and unuseable for anything else but popping corn. It was a good thing that we liked the burned kernels (weird family) because there were always a bunch. My mom’s popcorn was yum. And my kids say the same about mine. Only mine has a secret ingredient. Coconut oil. It makes a huge difference.


How to Make Popcorn on the Stove


I gotta say, I have perfected the art.  I have found the ultimate pot that doesn’t require segregated usage. I’ve got the right oil, the right kernels. I’m telling you, I’m where it’s at when it comes to popcorn.


Here’s how it goes down.


Circulon Dutch OvenThe POT: When I was first married we bought a set of Circulon pots and pans. I’ve moved on from most of the pieces (after all, my marriage will be able to buy beer in the US come May), but I have not forsaken the dutch oven. Because the grooves make it completely and totally nonstick and IDEAL FOR POPCORN MAKING. I swear. It’s true. No sticking, no burning, just white gorgeous, crunchy, delicious, fluffy perfection.  (PS mine is really old and doesn’t look pretty like this one. For example, the knob has come off the lid and you have to use oven mitts to take it off by grasping the screw that used to hold the


Ingredients for stovetop popcorn


The ingredients: My biggest secret is COCONUT OIL (the unscented kind)! It’s not greasy, and it doesn’t smoke or seem to burn at the bottom of the pot. And plus, it makes the popcorn like super healthy, or so I’m convincing myself. Don’t buy no-name popping corn. You must use name brand like my old friend Orville. And, a good quality sea salt ties it all together. Trust me. This is all true.






The Method:


Note: I have a gas stove, so this method works for me. If you have regular burners, you may have to do more shaking and watch your heat.


Melt about 1 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil in your Circulon pot over medium high heat. Sprinkle salt into the oil. Add enough kernels in to cover the bottom of the pot, imagining it’s two layers worth (plus a bit more for good luck or pigginess. You choose.)


Put the lid on the pot and grasp the handles to give it all a good shake. Every 20 seconds or so, repeat the shaking until as there’s too much popcorn for anything to move.


When there’s several seconds between pops, turn off the burner and take off the heat.


EAT IT. AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.  Because you can.




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