What’s YOUR Excuse for Bashing Another Mom?

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What’s Your Excuse (For Bashing Another Mom)?


I just can’t keep quiet any longer. I can’t deal with how women are using social media to bring each other down. I can’t stand the mom-on-mom action, and how you’re taking your emotional life into your own hands if you say, do or act outside of some unwritten norm. Why everything has to become a thing, an issue, a point of contention, and why the second someone puts mother in their title, that they’re free game for attacks from the crowd.


What’s happened to the sisterhood? What has happened to If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything? What’s happened to constructive, valuable, intelligent critique? What about to each his own and tolerance, kindness, and patience?


What's Happened to the Sisterhood?


Whoa, nelly. That’s passionate. Even for me. What’s inspired it?


It’s the same topic that’s on everyone’s mind (well, except those who are reading Lindsay Lohan’s sexcapade list.)  Maria Kang, of course. You know, the What’s Your Excuse fitness blogger and personality who inspires vitriol in moms everywhere.


When the shit hit the fan months ago after Kang posted this on her Facebook wall, I just ignored the ruckus. Maria had made people MAD. Like crazy like the wolf. And they used social media to whip up a frenzy. Folks couldn’t EVEN believe that a FITNESS professional posted something intending to inspire people to work out. That she dared to ask a question that fit with her own BRAND marketing on her own BRAND page. Can you believe it? The nerve of her (User tip: you don’t like it, don’t subscribe to her updates). 


I felt bad for Maria that people were attacking her, but she put it out there, so I figured she could take it. She didn’t need my help. All the bandwagoning bothered me (after all, I do have a sociology degree which has made me an expert in crowd mentality), but I really didn’t want to enter the fray. 


But then, it happened again. She made this poster to launch her new website noexcusemom.com. Hello frenzy.


The womens have gone to judgy freaktown. Again, the criticisms, the condemnation, the finger pointing. How DARE she point out fake flaws on her PERFECT body? How DARE she post something like that for her OWN marketing purposes on her OWN brand page to promote her OWN business. Oh. MY. GOD. Can you believe it? (User tip: you don’t like it, don’t subscribe to her updates). 


This time, I can’t keep my mouth shut. My friend Susie posted this disappointing Today’s Parent article on Facebook. Written by Managing Editor Katie Dupuis, it’s entitled: Maria Kang, Here are My Excuses. (Ok fine, good title). It was with the subtitle that my eyebrows shot up: Katie Dupuis starts a hashtag campaign on social media to educate the “hot Facebook mom”. Join the party!


a) Hot Facebook Mom? (Do I hear sarcasm? Judgement? Perhaps jealousy?)


b) They’re going to educate her? With a hashtag campaign on social media?


Oooh. FUN! Let’s all jump on social media and using a hashtag (#excusethis), have a mom-bashing party. Yay! Sounds fun. What better way to bring women together than to push another one down. That is SO awesome. And exactly what social media is for.


Hey Moms, Let's Stop Hating on Each Other


Look, I’m not here to dig into why Maria Kang offends people so much or why her statements touch a nerve with women. Being a bit of a fitness nut myself, I totally get what she is saying. I don’t hear fat-bashing, I hear an honest question. What are your excuses, and how are you going to overcome them. I respond to that kind of message. I liked being smacked in the face. And it’s her thing, her jam. Of course she’s going to work it.


To be honest, Maria Kang isn’t saying anything different than anyone else in the fitness world (umm.. Nike’s Just Do it?) She’s in the business of getting people moving, just like motivational speakers are in the business of getting people going to where they want to go. Why Maria? Why choose to take her to town (and why is there no hashtag to slam the cast of Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police. They’re like, really nasty)?


It’s because she’s hitting women in their pain spot – right in their self-esteem. People call her a bully, but what exactly do they call themselves? 


The only thing Maria Kang is hurting is people’s sensibilities. She’s not a criminal, a thief, a murderer, or even a white supremacist or do-er of genocides and horrible things. She’s not a bad person (that we know of, because hey, we don’t even know her.)


People just need to tune her out if they don’t agree. They need to leave her alone. Who are WE to tell her what to say or what to think or who to be?


Just because she goes by mom doesn’t mean we all get to judge her choices (like the critics feel she’s judging them for their choices). Honestly, you don’t like it? Don’t read it, don’t share it, don’t talk about it. But don’t just jump on the Let’s Hate Maria train because everyone else is. She does not deserve a hashtag campaign against her.


Maria Kang Hashtag campaign


What I wanted to say is this: As women, we need to stop constantly bashing each other with negativity and criticism. It would be naive to say that we should always support each other. That’s just not sensible. But what I am suggesting is we can agree to disagree (or at least not incite a riot). Not everyone thinks the same, not everyone has the same values, world view, or perspective. We all have our own history and our own reality. And we need to remember to respect those differences, that uniqueness.


Here’s an idea, how about a hashtag to bring each other up, instead of one to bring someone down. What a revelation.


x0x0 Mara #oneLove




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