Is Protein Your Official Snack of Everything?

Protinis Complete Protein Snacks


I’ve talked about my love of fitness a bit, yes? So you know I love to work out and push myself as far as I can. You also know that I try and eat pretty healthy (well, most of the time). While of course I work out for my emotional well-being and overall health, I also do it to get cut. I’ll admit it. I want to be strong and fit but my main very vain goal is to be able to see the muscles that I work so hard at. In other words, I want to be the star of my own gun show.


To get these muscles that I desire from the bottom of my 45-year-old heart I have to do three things: Weight training, high intensity exercise (like cardio intervals or my favourites – my Crossfit and boxing classes), and eating for fitness. The last one includes balanced and frequent meals (I like to eat 3 larger meals with two smaller snacks, all containing lots of protein.


Snacking? As part of a healthy diet? We’re taught to think it’s bad. But in fat, snacking is healthy. It’s good. It keeps your metabolism humming along nicely And it’s common, according to a Harris Decima survey, more than half (52%) of Canadians snack at least twice a day (which is GOOD). But often, people reach for the wrong snacks (I know that if chips are handy, I want them.) What’s great, though, is that 71% of us are seeking healthier snacking options and 85 per cent of Canadians prefer a snack that leaves them feeling fuller, longer.


The Snacking Habits of Canadian


Like me. One thing I used to forget to do before I examined my diet was to include protein in my snacks.


Ah. Protein. I’ve newly fallen in love with you. You keep me from feeling hungry, you make me happy, and you’re making my arms look like Michelle Obama’s. Before I started including a lot of protein in my diets, I would eat but would be hungry again soon after. And I would work out but not see visible results.


Why is complete Protein important? According to Sue Mah, registered dietitian and nutrition expert, “Complete protein contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs and cannot produce on its own,” Some examples of foods with complete protein are milk, eggs, fish, meat and poultry, like the oven-roasted chicken bites in PROTINIS™. This type of protein helps slow down the digestion of food, keeping you feeling fuller, longer, and protein snacking can support physical activity and weight management goals by building and repairing muscles and tissues.” 


Are you convinced that protein is good for you and should be a part of every meal, including snacks? Yes? Good! Wondering which ones I eat? Here are some of my favourites:


  • 15 almonds with half an apple
  • Hummus, baby carrots and celery
  • Egg whites scrambled with a bit of goat cheese and hot sauce
  • Turkey pepperoni sticks
  • Greek yogurt with a few berries and slivered almonds
  • Protinis™ complete protein snacks


Maple Leaf® Natural Selections® Protinis™ are my newly discovered favourite for snack time. What are they? Well, they’re little portable kits made with oven-roasted chicken and dried fruit. They’re packaged in grabbable little containers which are perfect for on-the-run work-at-home Moms like you and me.  Protinis™ come in eight flavours: Oven Roasted Chicken, Sweet Thai Chili Chicken, Mild Salsa Chicken, Honey Garlic Chicken, Oven Roasted Chicken and Cranberry, Oven Roasted Chicken and Superfruit, Oven Roasted Chicken and Mango, and Oven Roasted Chicken and Apple.


Want to try Protinis™? You can buy them at major grocery stores across Canada. They’re $4.00 for a package of 2. But you can click here for a $2 off coupon.


Or, comment below to win a one of six coupons for a free 2-pack Protinis™.


Protinis Complete Protein Snacks


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Disclosure: I was provided product and compensation for sharing Protinis with you. As usual, my opinions and dedication to eating well and sharing my love of health are my own. 




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