What Empowers Me – Water and Workouts

What Empowers Me: Water and Workouts


Now that my kids are older, I have a lot of time to myself. So what do I do with all of this time? Sometimes not a heck of a lot. Not surprisingly, the more free time that I have, the less that I accomplish. Which is a big problem. Because I’m busy. I’ve got three teenagers (more work than little kids. seriously), I work from home, and I also make an honest attempt, in between visits from the cleaning lady, to keep my house presentable enough so it doesn’t get condemned.



Since I don’t really have an official schedule, I try to keep myself on a pseudo-one and to define some kind of daily regimen. I do the laundry and groceries on Sundays. I get up on workdays at a decent hour (7:35, if you’re asking, which is enough time to make my son’s lunch before he leaves for school). I make myself a big pitcher of lemon water every morning with my Sodastream. And that I schedule my time at the gym. In fact, I’m so strict about my workouts that I arrange other appointments around my gym-time. This is because I go to specific classes: Mondays and Fridays are boxing, Tuesdays and Thursdays are cross-fit, and Saturdays I zen out at yoga.


Should I go to the gym flow chart


Why do I do this? When the rest of my life is so loosey-goosey, why am I so rigid about my hydration (and how I water up) and my fitness? Well, because working out really empowers me. It’s the me-time that I can be proud of, it makes me better from the inside out, and it gives me the strength of will to get through the rest of my day. Just like drinking all that water does. Most importantly, unlike other guilty pleasures like reading, manicures, or just generally laying about, water and exercise don’t feel like a waste. You never heard anyone say in hushed tones, embarrassed, Oh, sorry, I was at the gym. Or dammit, I shouldn’t have drunk all that water (well, maybe if you don’t have access to a toilet…) It’s something to be proud of.


So you must think I’m some kind of sporty spice. Well, if you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’m not. In fact, I’m the opposite. By nature, I’m a couch potato. I don’t actually enjoy the action of working out, per se (some people do, I hear). But what I do enjoy are the benefits of exercise. I’m not talking the physical, although rocking the mommy gun-show is pretty damn cool. What I mean are the physical and emotional effects of exercise. That feeling that literally EMPOWERS ME to get through the day.


Sodastream Thirsty Flowchart


No matter how late I stayed up the night before, no matter how tired I was before I hit the gym, no matter how bad my sleep was, or how hard it is to drop everything and rush off to that class, I know I will never be sorry I hydrated with my 2 litres of water and hit the bags or the weights.


Sodastream Lemon Water


Never. Not even once.


Since I got the Sodastream, I have found that it’s so much easier to drink the water my body needs to be healthy. Just like since I found exercise that I don’t suck at, not only do I not mind going to the gym, I actually look forward to it.


What empowers you to get through the day?



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