The Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge – Vote & WIN

Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge #OGBChallenge

Hi all!


I’ve got a question. And it’s this: How much do you love me? Or better, how much do you love the recipes I share with you on a moderately regular basis. If you said A LOT and WHAT’S MORE THAN A LOT, then keep reading. If you said Wow, she’s annoying, go away. You’re not being nice.


Ok. Great you’re still here. Remember all those amazing recipes I created a couple of weeks ago for the Ontario Gas BBQ Recipe Challenge (#OGBChallenge)? Memory refresher:


Thai Grilled Coconut Salmon

Gado Gado Lettuce Wraps



Grilled Maple Sausage Breakfast Hash

Mole Pulled Turkey Tacos with Jicama Slaw

Sweet Potato and Fig Salad


Pictures making you hungry? Good. That was the goal. So, this is the deal. I cooked all that food and wrote the recipes up and got rejected by Foodgawker 4 days out of 5 (the Sweet Potato and Fig Salad was apparently the money shot). The judges at Ontario Gas BBQ picked their favourite recipe out of my submissions – The Grilled Maple Sausage Breakfast Hash. And now, the crunch is on. It’s up to the Internets (that’s you) to vote for the winner (me). My competition is stiff (there are actual cooks, like with cookbooks and awards), but I believe I worked my tushie off, against the odds, and I would like to win. Here’s why:


At the beginning of the summer, we noticed twigs and grass in our BBQ. We’d clean the junk out daily, all the while wondering how it got there and what it was. Then, one day, we opened the grill and it was FULL TO THE BRIM. A nice birdie had appropriated my BBQ as the perfect place to raise her babies.


Umm…Nope. Not a bird house, squatters rights be damned. My hubbers took charge and evicted that bird. Except when he powerwashed the bird crap out of my BBQ, he did something to it. Now it only has two temperatures: OFF and FLAMING. 


In short, I cooked all that fancy food on a BROKEN BBQ.


So that’s why you should:


a) vote for me every day

b) get everyone you know to vote for me


Not only would I be eternally grateful to you, but I could also win a NEW BBQ from Ontario Gas Barbeque. One that has not been power washed for bird crap.


We good? Clear? Click this link and go do it.




PS. If you have time, I’d also appreciate a vote in the Toronto Mom Now Top Mom Blogger. For some reason, someone nominated me and now I’m feeling all competitive. This is an uncomfortable state of affairs. I never run for anything because when I lose I develop self-esteem problems. But I’m working on that. In the meantime, please take a second and support my we blog. After all, these words are ALL FOR YOU.

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