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Karma Wellness Water - Vitamin Enhanced Water


Unlike a lot of people, I like drinking water. I have no problem guzzling buckets of it. That’s why I’m always Desperately Seeking (the nearest) Toilet. Good thing I don’t have issues with public washrooms. Well, not all of them. There was this one time when we were driving up to Sudbury and we stopped at a little store so I could use le W.C. It wasn’t very fancy in a clean way. Let’s just say I held it in. You would have too.


Sometimes, though, plain water can get boring. My taste buds start to cry for more than the tang of nothingness. Some of my top choices  for adding flavour are a few mint leaves, plus lemon or orange or even grapefruit slices (no, I don’t like cucumber water. Don’t know why. Love cucumbers, but the H2O version makes me heave-y.) But that’s not good enough for the fam-jam. They like their beverages loaded with all kinds of tastery things, some of which are good for you and some of which are full of sugar and other nasty ingredients. It’s my job to be the nutrient police, being the mama and all. When I can find a drink that the whole house likes that’s actually good for them and tastes great I’m all in.


If it’s fun to drink, all the better. Hello Karma Wellness Water.


This vitamin-enhanced water is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. When I received my samples, I was like “Oh, this just looks like clear water. Hmmm. What’s the big deal?” And then I saw the little peel-off protective seal on the top. Ever so curious, I pulled. Then there was a little button that begged to be pushed, so I did. And POOF. The cap emptied out its powder into my water.


Shake me, the bottle said, so I did.


Drink me, the bottle said, so I did.


Drink more said my tummy, so I did.


So, besides the great taste, what’s the big deal? Here’s the facts – water-soluble vitamins don’t keep their potency when they’ve been sitting around in water or even when they’re exposed to moisture. They’re also damaged by UV rays, oxygen and heat. Karma Wellness Water houses their vitamins in that opaque UV protective, hermetically sealed cap. So the vitamins enhanced flavour powder (110% of your daily requirement of 7 vitamins) are infused into the water right before you drink. Good stuff. Even better is that it’s sweetened with a mixture of stevia and pure cane sugar, so it’s safe for diabetics. The drink  also gluten-free, and adhering to my policy of not drinking my calories, each 800 ml bottle is just 20 calories.


Karma Wellness Water comes in 5 delicious flavours formulated to provide specific wellness benefits.

  • Balance (Acai Pomberry) – an immunity boosting formula serving to enhance the immune system and promote overall health and well-being
  • Body (Raspberry Guava Jackfruit) – a fitness accelerator mix that works to replenish essential electrolytes, combat the risk of osteoarthritis, and maintain healthy bones
  • Spirit (Passionfruit Green Tea) – a mood elevator that helps you to recover from stress and encourage relaxation
  • Mind (Orange Mango) – Specially formulated for mental alertness, stimulate focus, and fuel the body’s daily activity
  • Vitality (Pineapple Coconut) – healthy hydration and ingredients with biological, physical, and anti-aging effects


So, why am I telling you about this delicious water? Well, it’s because of their Push Good Karma contest. The company was founded on the karmic principles that when you put positivity out into the universe you get it back in the future – in spades. So instead of giving WINNERS the prize, they’re giving WINNERS the opportunity to choose the charity of their choice to receive a $2000 donation from Karma Wellness Water.

Karma Water - Push Good Karma

If that’s not pushing the Karma, I don’t know what it.


For more information and to enter the contest, go to Karma Canada. Contest is open to Canadians and runs from July 15 -September 15, 2014. You can enter daily.


Good luck to you!


Note: this post was generous sponsored by Karma Wellness Water. I’m thrilled to be able to share this product and contest with you. 


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