The Coolest Tools for BTS 2014

Tips from an Old Mom: Cool Tools for School




Last year I (not bossily) shared my tips outlining the 15 school supplies your high schooler REALLY needs.  Since no ground-breaking information has been unearthed since then, other than the release of some neat new products, I invite you to read that post here. And these are the products that I’m most excited about for the Back-to-School season of 2014.


Me to We Products


Met To We Cool Tools for School


As a stationary addict, I’m so excited about this line of eco-friendly products that give back. Each purchase helps break down the barriers to education by giving a tangible gift, like healthy school lunches, notebooks and pencils to a child in a developing community. The items boast great design that will appeal even to the most discerning student (eye roll) and each carries a unique code that allows the user to track their impact. Products include iphone cases, lunch bags, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, dividers, water bottles and more.

Random Really Cool Stuff


Random cool tools for school


Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator


I may hate math but my kids do not. I know I always say not to spend too much on math sets or calculators, but if you have a budding scientist/engineer/mathematician, this one might be worth the splurge.  Other than the usual numerical mathy graphy stuff (it’s all greek to me, but I’m told that one needs those things), it has built in USB technology so you can actually connect it to a presentation machine or Viewscreen panel. It seems that’s a good idea, you know, to be able to present your confounding solutions.


Lexar Twist Turn 16 g USB Flash Drive


Ok so these flash drives aren’t groundbreaking, but they’re a necessity and come in really cute colours. My boys would love the orange. Until they left it in their pockets and sent it through the laundry. (See next item).


Wilson Jones Heavy Duty Binder with USB slot (available at Wal-Mart)

This binder has everything a mom could ask for. The heavy plastic means it’s durable, and the handy USB slot in the spine means that they have somewhere else to store their flash drive other than their pocket. Plus, the binders come in great colours (go bright or go home – my boys actually love the hot pink one).


Social Notes Binders (Available at Target Canada) 


Yah, yah, they’re binders. Well, they’re cool-looking binders. I said this was cool tools for school. What can I say but that my jaded kids love them.


For the Locker


Locker Essentials - cool tools for school

Hanging Fabric locker shelf


My youngest son doesn’t even know where his locker is, but if he could find it, this amazing hanging shelf would be sure to help him stay organized (snort).  I love that it’s soft sided (which means it’s more likely to last longer, and I’m tired of buying the everything every year). It has two shelves plus two pockets and comes in assorted colours.


WallPops Locker Decor Kits


Forget the negotiations and get the kit.  Let your new locker owner (she will be female, trust me. Boys don’t decorate) glam up. What’s great is that everything matches and all comes in one little kit, which will save you extensive selection hours, whining, and general unpleasantness. Includes a magnetic mirror, a dry erase board with pen and a GLITTER pocket, plus a cute set of coordinating magnets.


Five Star® Magnetic Locker Mirror and Dry Erase Board


Your student will never misplace their pen again. This item is possibly my favourite of all the pieces I have seen this year. It’s the perfect accessory for a locker, and has a little mirror, dry erase board, and the aforementioned storage pocket. There are a few styles, and to tell you the truth, I may get one for my kitchen as well.


Have you found anything neat this year that your budding academics just can’t live without?


PS got a student heading off to university? Check out my dorm guide!


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