The Official-ish Blissdom FAQs & Semi-Useful Tips

Blissdom Canada FAQs


I’m the official HELLO lady for Blissdom Canada. As a self-proclaimed conference veteran (this will be my 5th Blissdom Canada conference in addition to all the other ones I’ve attended, both bloggy and other) I feel it’s my duty to provide you with some conference attendance tips and answers to your most burning questions. The following are gleaned from a couple of Facebook posts and the associated diverging commentary. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments (appropriate or not). Blogging is a COMMUNITY  endeavour after all.

The First Rule of Blissdom

(Note: this is my blog so you’re not allowed to contradict me. You are, however, allowed to enhance this content with your own tips.)


Blissdom FAQs:

  1. Wear what you want. Even for the parties. If your favourite TBT is last Wednesday, then go with that. If a clown suit feels right well.. maybe you need to rethink your brand. Pants are optional but go commando at your own risk (Look for Scott Stratten in a kilt). In all seriousness, you will have the opportunity to meet the sponsors, so if you’re into that sort of thing, dress to impress yourself (casual and tidy. No need for business attire).
  2. Yes there is free parking. Don’t listen to the 1-800 number people. They aren’t privy to our secret handshake.
  3. Room rate is $129 based on double occupancy. 3rd & 4th people means a surcharge. Just like taxes, there’s no getting around it.
  4. You WILL NOT STARVE. Breakfast, lunch, snacks are provided on Friday and Saturday. Thursday is a bonus day so victuals are on your own. Evening events will have appetizers and drinkies. If you want big food for dinner, try the hotel or local restaurants, but trust me you won’t need to venture out. There is also a likelihood that sponsor booths will have cupcakes, candies and other delicious things. 
  5. The only thing you need to register for are Saturday’s micro-sessions. The rest is all on you. Learn as much as you want, play as much as you want.
  6. There are a variety of lounges for chillaxing with likeminded folks. For example, there’s a newcomers lounge and a night owls lounge. Heather Hamilton says that she will have a wine fountain in her suite, but that’s unverified. Some people bring extra drinkies & victuals for their rooms, but that’s up to you.
  7. There will be lots of spots for charging your tweeter. But it’s a good idea to bring a cord with plug cube for your 5th appendage just in case. That way you can hijack an outlet anywhere. Even better, get yourself a supplementary batttery. You don’t want to run out of juice right when the hunks show up (last year we had TWO!)
  8. No, everyone isn’t in the club except you. In fact, almost everyone is a stranger to someone. You don’t have to know who anyone is because they won’t know who you are. That’s the purpose of name tags (nobody is staring at your boobs, no matter how nice they are. It’s all about the Blissdom badge). To be honest, nobody knows what anyone looks like because Twitter avatars are very tiny and often misleading (those glamour shots from the 90s aren’t ageless). Also, I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m very bad with names and I never remember anyone so don’t be offended if I say Nice to Meet You! 20 times.
  9. Nobody is judging anyone. Just be yourself. You’re probably pretty good at that.
  10. You don’t need your own wine glass. Those will be provided. However, a water bottle for staying hydrated is useful.
  11. Dance breaks are not forbidden. In fact, I highy recommend them for stress relief.
  12. They have extra keys at the front desk so don’t worry if you lose yours. You’ll find it in three months at the bottom of your evening bag.
  13. No, that woman screaming your name and tackling you in the bar (yes, that happened to me!) isn’t insane. She’s just a Twitter friend who is excited to meet you.
  14. Yes, you should bring business cards. (Don’t forget to put your social media handles on your cards!) You might also want a tablet or laptop if you’re a typer. A notebook and pen will do just as well if you don’t have access to those types of electronics.


Chicky’s Blissdom Tips for a Successful Conference:

  • Bring a tote bag with pockets to keep everything you need handy. I’m not a crafty person so I cannot tell you how to hole punch your business cards with a ribbon adorned organizing system, but I can tell you how to stick your hand into a pocket.
  • A small evening bag that holds your business cards and cell phone for the night parties is a good thing.
  • Layers work well for your daytime clothes – the temperature in the conference area can vary as can your hormones (we are women after all…)
  • You may want to bring extra concealer to hide your late night funbags. I also recommend lip balm for a moist and soft kisser. A lot of people rely on moisturizing eyedrops. And breath mints. And a spare deodorant. I always bring extra shoes too. But I really like shoes.
  • Friends tell friends they have a chive in their tooth, TP hanging out of their skirt or lipstick anywhere it shouldn’t be.
  • Don’t bud the lineup. We all want to but it’s just bad form.
  • Smiling and good cheer is highly recommended. Talk to strangers. Everyone is feeling just as weird as you are. Remember: blogging and social media are social! How much fun will it be to meet real people!
  • Don’t hog the exhibitors. Pitch and run or better yet, set up a time to meet.
  • Don’t forget to leave time for personal grooming. I know how to put false eyelashes on if you need help.
  • If you want to make new friends have tampons, gum, Tylenol, bandaids, and extra pens in your tote bag.

Lastly, the HELLO lady is very appreciative of non-monetary tips (there’s no budget for a good cheer program). Some ways you can thank me: laugh at my jokes, say hi back (instead of calling security), look like you’re having a good time, or best of all, facilitate a date with Adam Levine. Just as a heads up, I drink gin & tonics (preferably artisanal from a small distillery on the edge of a rock strewn cliff), red wine and Starbucks (grande bold in a venti cup with nonfat milk or a skinny triple venti 1/2 sweet vanilla latte).



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