Updating You and Then You Could Win Starbucks for LIFE!!

Alright folks. I’ve been a very bad blogger. This site has sat sad and neglected for a few weeks. And it’s not because I don’t love writing her or all of you. It’s actually because I was hard at work on the BrazenWoman Gift Guides. And then my brother got married (more on that tomorrow). I was SO busy that I barely even went to the gym (but that didn’t stop me from stuffing my face, of course…), it’s taken me three weeks to read two books, and my house looks like the before scenes in Hoarders: Laundry Edition.

On the plus side, I have been drinking a lot of coffee, watching The Vampire Diaries, spending time with family, getting a little weepy, and enjoying my new tweeny obsession, Chris Jamison from The Voice (by the time you read this we’ll know who has won season 7 and it’s probably not him, but it won’t matter because he’s already a winner IMO).

Relate: I’m really a 13 year old girl.

Check out Chris’s duet with Adam Levine. I haven’t loved a reality show competitor this much since Phil Phillips.) One Youtube commenter noted that after she watched it, she found herself pregnant. And when she watched it again, she got pregnant again. If I wasn’t too old, I’ll bet I would too. But luckily, I can safely watch over and over.

Well, there you go. I forced you to watch something that I’m interested in before I told you about this unbelievable Starbucks contest. Basically, Starbucks is giving 3 Canadians (plus 10 Americans and 1 UK’er) the ultimate prize: STARBUCKS FOR LIFE. Like as much as you want. As. Much. As. You. Want.

For life. As long as it’s $5,000 worth.

Because that’s the estimated value of the HAMMERED GOLD CARD that will be personalized with my name when I win. Completely unique, there will only be 14 of these cards made in the world, and one of them will have my name on it.

Because I like gold and coffee.

Before we go on, I must tell you that the best Holiday Starbucks drink is the Peppermint Mocha. But you must order it how I tell you. Exactly like this: Venti Triple Half Sweet Skinny Peppermint Mocha.

It’s really good, so you’re welcome.

How many of those do you think I could buy with $5,000? Hrm…Let me see…$6.00/$5000 = I don’t care.

What I do care about is the contest.

Since there are no guarantees in life, you may as well enter for yourself. Here’s how to do it. Between Dec 2, 2014 & January 4, 2015;

1. Pay with your Starbucks card or mobile device.

2. Enter the unique code that is on your receipt.

3. Be gracious when I win.

To celebrate the excitement and facilitate your entries, I’m giving away a little Starbucks prize pack. In it, you’ll find a $25 Starbucks card (that’s like 13 grandes), a package of the iconic Starbucks Christmas Blend (celebrating 30 years)  and a cold cup from the new Starbucks Dot Collection.

Starbucks Prize from Be Nice or Leave




Good luck!


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