Contest Alert! Win $50 at Shoppers Drug Mart

Shopper Drug Mart Get the Most Out of Life

Hey folks! If you know anything about me then you know I’m obsessed with Shoppers Drug Mart. I don’t know why, but I just am. There’s nothing I love more than trolling the aisles of my favourite store. Seriously, you can get what you need at Shoppers Drug Mart —mascara, pain killers, tampons, and pizza.

All of the essentials for the perfect weekend.

You might have noticed, if you follow me on Twitter or you’re my Facebook fan-ny friend that I’ve been sharing lots of great information from Shoppers Drug Mart and their LIFE Brand products (hashtag #GetTheMostOutOfLife). I’m aptly a SDM ambassador for the month of February.

It’s all making sense now, yes? I’m nothing if not predictable. You know, ambassadoring for a brand I’m actually in love with.

Anyhoo…to the contest.

It’s all about the sickies.

You know, sneezing, puking, horking, coughing, fever. The illness that sounds better in theory (because you get to stay in bed and watch movies) than it is in reality (because feeling sick is NO FUN. And I like FUN, as you’re well aware).

This weekend (FEB 7-9) I’m hosting a 3 day contest along with my top shop. All you have to do is click this link and tell them which LIFE Brand products you use to fight the battle against cold & flu.

I repeat, all you have to do is CLICK THIS LINK (between Feb 7th-9th) and tell Shoppers Drug Mart which Life Brand products you’re using to kick the cold & flu to the curb, and you could WIN a $50 gift card in the daily Life Brand Get The Most Out Of Life giveaway!

Simple, right?

So CLICK THIS LINK between February 7 & February 9th, 2015 and go play.

And then buy me something with the $50. I need tampons. Keep the rest of the prize for yourself.


xoxo Mara #GetTheMostOutOfLife




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