Feed Your Addiction: My Favourite Dirty Books to Hide Under Your Nightstand

My Favourite Dirty Books to Hide Under Your Nightstand

It’s that time of year where I feel compelled to share a list of some of my favourite dirty books. It’s not like I need to get you in the mood or anything, but the International Day of Love (and disappointment) also coincides with the release of the movie version of the.. ERM..Worldwide Phenomenon (that’s what they’re calling themselves. Conceited much?) 50 Shades of Grey.

But regardless of all that, I think you need something to read that’s hot. Since it’s really cold outside.

I consume a lot of romance novels. They’re fast and easy (just like the character). So how to choose which ones to tell you about? Well, these are the ones that have given me book hangovers. There are many, many more I could add to the list, but you want the ones I dream about, right?

So without further ado…

The Fowler Owning Violet by Monica MurphySisters: Owning Violet and Stealing Rose, Monica Murphy

Rich, beautiful, smart, and a wee bit needy, the Fowler sisters are heiresses to the Fleur Cosmetic company. In Book 1, we meet Violet who is on the fastrack to marrying the wrong man. But then comes along Ryder. Dangerous, mysterious, and oozing sex appeal, little does she know he’s after her for more than her money. And while it’s her job he starts out wanting, by the end it’s her heart. If she can forgive him for his secrets. Book 2 sees youngest sister Rose on the cusp of a new beginning. She’s ready to quit her job at Fleur and go find herself. As far as she can from her father’s nasty, social climbing girlfriend. But when she’s cased by hunky jewel thief, Caden, something even more valuable than her family’s heirloom necklace is unwittingly stolen—her heart. What happens when he realizes he might not be the right man for her? Will he step up or run away?

My take: things move a little fast, but that’s how we like it, right? There’s a lot of chemistry between the main characters, though the novels lack a little intensity.

Filthy Factor: Lick the spoon

Seducing Cinderella by Gina Maxwell Seducing Cinderella (Fighting for Love #1), Gina L. Maxwell

Forget firefighters, let’s talk about MMA. Imagine you’re a lonely and possibly plain physiotherapist and a tattooed specimen of fighterman walks into your office asking you to heal his wounds so he can get back in the ring. And what if said fighterman is an old friend of your brother’s who you know to be the ultimate womanizer and sex machine? Why you ask him to give you seduction lessons in exchange for therapy, and to make things easy, you invite him to stay in your apartment. I’ll stop there. I probably don’t have to spell things out for you.

My take: I’m pretty sure you know what I’m thinking. This is the stuff fantasies are made of, and obviously Gina has a very good imagination.

Filthy Factor: You may have to bring in outside help to get this one clean.

Private Practice by Samantha BeckPrivate Practice, Samantha Beck

So,moving on. Now you’re a doctor (name’s Dr. Ellie Swan, thank you very much) and you’ve returned to your hometown to take care of your diabetic father and catch the eye of the town’s golden boy. But you realize that his sexual tastes may run a little more exotic than your experience allows for. Just in time, the sexy former town bad boy rolls into your office, a bullet in his tight butt. You make a deal with Tyler (that’s his name). He instructs you on the more adventurous aspects of bedroom acrobatics, and you keep his injury a secret. But will he follow the guidebook (you’ve ordered from Amazon)? Or will he go off plan?

My take: Ellie and Tyler are so much fun to hang out with. This book won’t make you smarter, but it will make you smile.

Filthy Factor: There’s no manual for cleaning this kind of dirty mess up.

Rock It by Jennifer ChanceRock It, Jennifer Chance

Lacey Dawes is a young talent agent with ambition. She’s also had a huge crush on her agency’s newest client, Dante Falcone since she was 16 years old. About to head out on tour and not sure who he can trust, Dante makes Lacey his interim manager and takes her with him. They try to keep it all business, but as is likely to happen when strapping rockers and pretty ingenues are on the same bus (tight quarters and all that), it may not be possible. For this duo, one kiss is never enough, nor is one wig.

My take: These two are awesome together. They have a great sense of humour and their antics are entertaining. We all dream of dating a rockstar and Lacey gets to.

Filthy Factor: These stains are never coming out. But nor do we want them to.

Ugly Love by Colleen HooverUgly Love, Colleen Hoover

When Tate Collins arrives on her pilot brother’s doorstep, the last thing she expects to find is a lump of man collapsed in front. She manages to get Miles, her brother’s neighbor and fellow pilot, inside the apartment, where they experience what can only be known as hate at first sight. Or is it? These two are drawn to each other, even though Miles makes it clear that he doesn’t do strings. But Tate doesn’t give up on him or their potential. What happened in his past to damage him so badly? And can he overcome it? Is love always going to be ugly to him?

My take: Colleen Hoover is a great writer. This is a good story about characters we can really care about.

Filthy Factor: Just put a little elbow grease in and it will all come clean.


Working It by Kendall RyanWorking It, Kendall Ryan

Straight-laced and meek Emmy Clark has landed her dream job. Fish-out-of-water in New York’s glamorous modeling world, she is the assistant to tyrannical Fiona Stone. But the male models parading through the office makeup for a lot, especially hot shot Ben Stone who’s got everything Emmy thinks she doesn’t have—looks, money and fame. Instantly drawn to each other, notwithstanding Ben’s obvious issues, the two begin what’s to be a fun and secret affair. Can it all work out?

My take: Great characters, some laughs and good writing make this a fun, if not predictable romp. Ben is definitely someone we’d like to get to know better.

Filthy Factor: A little pre-soak will get that pot clean.


Searching for Perfect by Jennifer ProbstSearching for Perfect, Jennifer Probst

What happens when the social director of a matchmaking agency can’t seem to find herself a match? When Kennedy Ashe, partner in Kinnections, decides to take on Nate Dunkle as her personal project, she tries to keep her distance from this rocket scientist and nerd extraordinaire. After all, he’s a lost cause. But when she starts to peel off the layers she discovers there’s more to her project than meets the eye. And he’s got skills that go well beyond physics. But will she keep it all business?

My take: Nate is awesome. He is THE BEST. I want him to be my boyfriend. He’s such an idiot, but so sexy. And Jennifer Probst is a great writer, so that’s a bonus.

Filthy Factor: You may need a wire scrubber and some elbow grease.


In His Keeping, Maya BanksIn His Keeping, Maya Banks

The second in Banks’ unique Slow Burn series, Keeping continues to explore the collision of psychic powers, suspense, and sexual attraction. Raised to a life of overprotected privilege, Arial has no idea she was adopted or that her father is hiding his past from her. She’s spent her life trying to hide certain unusual abilities. But when she’s attacked outside her place of work, all hell flies loose. Literally. On the run after her parents disappear, she seeks the assistance of the one man she’s been told to trust—Beau Deveraux. She’s young, she’s beautiful and she’s in danger. Can he protect her?

My take: Banks is a great author and the sexual tension runs high in these somewhat hard to believe stories. The path to the sack is a little fast for my liking, particularly under the specific circumstances, but I’ll take it anyways. I liked her Surrender Series a little more.

Filthy Factor: You may need your ducts cleaned.

Honorable mention: 

Anything by Lorelei James: You know I like cowboys and these James’ books are eminently consumable. Filthy factor: Just throw the damn dish out.

This Man series, Jodi Malpas: We all love a man with secrets. But more, we love a man who loves his woman. And Ava and Jesse’s story, with all it’s winds and turns, is super romantic. Plus, there may be a sex scene on a rowing machine. I think that’s in this one. Filthy factor: Double the soap, double the fun. 

The Maddox Brothers: Jamie McGuire: on the heels of her Beautiful series, McGuire introcues us to the other Maddox brothers. These boys spell love and trouble, not always in that order. Filthy factor: wash your mouth out with soap. Note: This is new adult

The Electric Tunnel Series, Rachel Blaufeld: Written by a friend of mine and a real upcoming talent, this series takes us to the glamorous world off the Vegas strip. These are stripper and strip club owners like we could never imagine. Their pain, dreams and love are real. You’ll be captivated. Filthy factor: Add extra detergent and there’s a chance. 

Inside Out series, Lisa Renee Jones: This is storage wars meets James Bond meets after hours on MoviePix. Bondage light, with hunky leads and a great heroine. And I believe it’s being made for TV. Filthy factor: Wash those windows. They’ve got fingerprints on them.

Share your favourites in the comments! I need some new reads. Any of my picks interest you?






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