How to Use Dubsmash Like a Mom

How to Use Dubsmash Like a Mom

A couple of months ago my 20-year old daughter showed me a bunch of little funny karaoke-like videos snippets she’d made on her phone with an app called Dubsmash. They were cute, but a little silly— even for me. I shrugged Dubsmash off as being so Snapchat. I’m pretty tech savvy for a fogey-in-training, but I just don’t get Snapchat. I mean, why make a message only to have it disappear unless you save it as a story in which case you’re defeating the whole I sent you a dumb thing but I’m not worried because it’s going to disappear purpose.

But I digress…

So she showed me Dubsmash weeks ago and I forgot about it because I’m very busy and don’t have time to learn new things at the present time. Until a few days ago when some of my Facebook friends started posting Dubsmash videos. Secure in the knowledge that I knew about this app first but that I was just waiting until they’d worked out all the bugs and until it was cool for moms (Translate: until the kids were done with it. I’m lying. I have FOMO), I immediately downloaded it.

Then I realized I had no idea how to use it. It’s really easy but seems complicated until you figure it out. But I fiddled (not diddled) around and once I got the hang of it I created some utterly ridiculous and totally awesome clips. I’m addicted to myself, really.

This app is PERFECT FOR ME. So much more so than Snapchat, which, as I said, I don’t really get.

PS I also don’t use whatsapp or Kik. I mean how many different ways do you need to message me? 

I thought I’d share step by step instructions on how to use Dubsmash so you can be up and running and embarrassing your children in no time at all. Don’t forget: what goes on the Internet stays on the internet.

1. Download the free Dubsmash app (available for android or ios)

2. Sign up for an account and make sure to spell your username properly (I didn’t. So you can find me as chichymara)

How to Use Dubsmash Like a Mom

3. Above is the main screen. Here you can search, make your own sounds, or use sounds that other people have uploaded. Don’t bother with My Sounds right now. That’s where you can upload your own clips for other people to use. You’ll want to be looking in Trending (pictured) or Latest Sounds where are plenty of choices for us old people to use. Let the teenagers handle the making of new sounds. I like Trending because they’re categorized.

In My Sounds you’ll find Sounds you uploaded (see below where/how to do that), your favourites, and Your Soundboards, which are collections of your favourite sounds. To make a soundboard, click Add Soundboard (caution: advanced users only). Note that my username is chichymara. Because I can’t type. And I can’t change it either.

How to Use Dubsmash Like a Mom

4. If using Trending, choose the category you like. Some are clips from songs and some are spoken sound bytes. Click the little arrow to the left to hear the Dub clip. Play around until you find one you like, then listen to it a few times to memorize it. If you’re old like me, you’ll have to listen approximately 48 times.

How to Use DubSmash

5. Click the CLIP NAME to get to the record screen. Make sure you’re wearing enough lipgloss or you run the risk of frightening yourself. If necessary, wear sunglasses. They hide many imperfections while making you look cool.

How to Use Dubsmash Like a Mom

6. Get ready, then press START. And lipsync your sweet little heart out. The app can’t hear you, so be as loud as your neighbors can bear. If you screw up, just hit CANCEL and it will start over. Up in the TOP LEFT there’s a back arrow so if the dub is too dumb even for you, you can go back and pick another one. You can do that at any time. Dubsmash is flexible like that.

7. Once you’re done recording, it will say ‘Your Video is Being Created’ and it will go to the preview screen where it will play your Dub over and over until you hate yourself. If you like it click NEXT and if you don’t, just click the back arrow (up in the left hand corner) to re-record or the back arrow again to choose a different one.

How to Use Dubsmash Like a Mom

To be honest, I’m not sure what the T, happy face, or hipster guy are for. I’m not such an advanced user.

Oh wait. I went and checked. You can make a title screen with the T. You can add an emoticon or icon with the happy face. You can add a bowtie, glasses, etc. to your face with the hipster guy.

8. If you’re happy with your Dub (in a manner of speaking) and you look just foolish enough to embarrass your kids but just cool enough that you love yourself even more than you did 5 minutes ago, click NEXT. Then, you’ll have the option of 1. sending it by Facebook messenger (I sent several within minutes to my kids. They were impressed), 2. to Whatsapp (why you would do that I don’t know), 3. by text or iMessage (that’s to send to your best friend so she thinks you’re drinking without her or your spouse in case he’s forgotten why (s)he loves you, or 4. save to your camera roll (so you have it forever in posterity).

How to Use Dubsmash


Click on the three bars in the top left to get to another Menu. Here you’ll see: My Dubs (that’s your library); Add Sound (that’s where you can create Dubs for other people to Dub); and Settings (where you can’t change your username when you typed it in wrong).

Click on My Sounds to see the Dubs you’ve created. Click on Add Sound to record a new sound for other people to use,  Add from iTunes, or Add from Gallery. And as I said, click on Settings to not change your username.

How to Use Dubsmash Like a Mom

This is how My Dubs looks. You can see I was very busy in a short period of time.

How to Use Dubsmash


Did I forget anything? Let me know and I’ll ask my kids. Because I know nothing. And here are some of my Dubs. Obviously I have no shame.

Don’t forget to post your Dubs on Instagram and tag me @chickymara or send them to me on Facebook!


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