Enjoy a Great Canadian Summer with Visa Checkout (& Win a $100 Gift Card!)

Great Canadian Summer at Indigo

In Canada there are 2 1/2 seasons. Freezing cold winter, fall/spring, and summer. Guess which is my favourite.

If you guess fall/spring, you’d be close but no (chocolate) cigar, but the real answer is SUMMER. I love me a long, HOT, Great Canadian Summer.

I’m all about patios, lakeside cocktails, trail walks, and parties on my back deck. Plus pedicures, of course. And grilling.

If you haven’t heard, I like me a good BBQ. I’ve even got a hashtag. Watch out for #ChickWhoGrills all summer long.

Of course, hanging on the patio requires just the right accessories. I need platters and glasses and drinkware and all the things that make a party great. And my happiest place on earth is just where I got them.I’m not talking about Disney (although I could understand how you might be confused). Nope, I’m talking about Chapters Indigo. Obviously, you know that they don’t just sell books. They’ve got the most amazing assortment of lifestyle accessories. I’ve been known to browse for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours (both instore and online). I always want all the things.

Just in time for summer they’ve launched their Great Canadian Summer Collection, which is inspired by all of the elements that go into having one: life at the lake, the great outdoors, ice cream, sunshine, hiking, bike rides, reading, daydreams and fun.

And thanks to Visa Checkout I’ve got the perfect accessories to get the party started.

Visa Checkout is the perfect way to online shop since half the time I can’t find my purse. To get set up, I created a user name and password, and entered in my payment information (I can put more than one card in) and shipping address. Then, I was ready to get my goods. In less than 2 minutes.

Now, whenever I see the Visa Checkout logo, I just sign in and my info is there, ready to go. It provides a single account sign-in that can be used across all my devices. No hunting around for my credit card or typing in my deets. It’s super convenient and extremely secure too (the system offers Visa’s usual advanced security tools and Zero Liability for consumers in case of fraud). The service is available on many of my favourite online Canadian stores in addition to Indigo, and many more are joining each month (You can get the full list here).

Want to know what I bought? It was really hard to pick from the collection’s summer essentials. There were tabletop items, pillows adorned with an Indigo-exclusive canoe print, other home decor items with nautical stripes, I Love the Lake and other cottage inspired pieces, plus retro inspired patio pieces. But finally I decided on a few amazing pieces to round out what I’ve already got. And since when I used my Visa Checkout I received an extra 20% off, I was able to get a colouring book too! (Discount applicable until May 31, 2015). It’s supposed to calm my mind. We’ll see how that goes….

I fell in love with this drink dispenser with metal base, ice insert, and flavour infuser. At $49.50 it was a great deal. On hot summer days I’ll just fill it up and drink away. What should I put in it?

Drink Dispenser with Metal Insert

I also got this really unique pressed wooden tray for $30. Do you love it or what?

Lay in the Sun Pressed Wooden Tray

Of course, how could I pass up these adorable ceramic colanders for $19.50? They’re perfect for serving fruit or candy or whatever I want. I got one in blue and one in cream.

Ceramic Colander from Indigo


And you can never have too many inspirational mason jars, right? Every old lady hipster needs a couple. Do you like mine? It’s pretty apropros, yes? And at only $10 why just get one?

Mason Jar Sipper

VISA CheckOut Button_4If you could get anything from the Great Canadian Summer Collection, what would you get? Start thinking, because you’re in luck. I’m giving away a $100 Visa gift card so you can try buy something nice for yourself at 20% off using Visa Checkout on Indigo online.

Ready to get lucky? Enter here:

Note: I received a gift card so that I could test out the Visa Checkout service. It was as easy to use as I said it was. All opinions are my own. And so is that drink dispenser. You can’t have it. 

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