Saturday Surprise: Win a Colourful Scotch Tape Prize Pack

Tape it up with Scotch Expressions Tape - Drink Stand

Oh, is it ever a gloomy and rainy Saturday afternoon. Not what we’d expect from summer, eh? I don’t know about you, but I need some brightening up. Maybe a little decorating or designing? Nothing permanent, however, just a little distraction. Maybe I’ll grab a picture frame or two and jazz them up with my Scotch Brand Expressions Tape. Or instead, I could add some flair to my son’s camp trunk. Do you think he’d like that?

I’m addicted to these colourful rolls of fun. They’re so easy to use, especially for DIdon’t-ers like me. I can add a little to add a popScotch Expressions tape of colour to my home, gifts and event decor. And if I screw up, I can just remove the tape and start over. Which means this tape is perfect for handing over to your kiddos when they’re summertime bored (I hope for your sake they’re not…)

I use them everywhere. The adorable masking tape is perfect for jazzing up gift wrap, and the washi tape and other craft tapes let me customize all the boring things around my house with a Chicky flair. For example, if I was so inclined, I could throw a party with a wicked awesome drink station like in the photo above. Or I could decorate some pots like these…

Scotch Expressions Tape Decorated Terrariums

Look fun? You can do it too.

Author’s note: If you’re wondering why I didn’t post any of my own projects, it’s because they’re not fit for public consumption. But that doesn’t mean yours won’t be nicer. You totally can one-up me here. 

Scotch Expressions tapes are very reasonably priced for the fun-factor they offer. Prices start at $2.94 and the product is available at

Get more fun ideas on how to use Scotch Expressions Tape on the Scotch Brand blog. And get started with a kit full of everything you need when you win a $50 Scotch Expressions prize pack.

Who said rainy summer Saturdays weren’t fun?


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