Summer Read: The Blue by Lucy Clarke

The Blue by Lucy Clarke

You know sometimes there are writers who produce radiant work? Whose words are addictive and whose books engage all of your senses? These are the kinds of writers that I love to read. For there’s nothing better than being submerged in a story and being taken away to another place; one that you can touch, taste, feel, hear, and smell.

This is reading.

And even better it’s aspiration. It’s dreaming. It’s wishing you were there and imagining it was you. And seeing the exotic islands of the Phillipines and swimming in the blue oceans. It’s feeling the sun on your skin and the salt in your hair and the love and trepidation in your heart.

It’s The Blue, the newest from Australian author Lucy Clarke. After I loved A Single Breath I wondered if I’d feel the same way about her next piece of work. And I did. In fact, I may have consumed it even faster than the previous novel. Clarke has a way about her when she’s engaged in her craft—she weaves character development with plot twists, and vivid descriptions of scenery with subtle romance,  intertwined with her her obvious adoration of all things ocean. All in a way that each element is almost indiscernible from another . You don’t know where story ends and passion begins, and nor do you want to.

They found paradise.…what would they do to keep it?

Lana and her best friend Kitty leave home looking for freedom—and that’s exactly what they find when they are invited onto The Blue, a fifty-foot yacht making its way from the Philippines to New Zealand. Manned by a young crew of wanderers, The Blue is exactly the escape they are looking for and the two quickly fall under its spell, spending their days exploring remote islands, and their rum-filled nights relaxing on deck beneath the stars.

Yet paradise found can just as quickly become lost. Lana and Kitty begin to discover that they aren’t the only ones with secrets they’d rather run from than reveal. And when one of their new friends disappears overboard after an argument with the other crewmembers, the dark secrets that brought each of them aboard start to unravel. 

The Blue is an enticing summer’s read, perfect for the beach and even better if you’re not going to make it there but you wish you could. It’s got a little of everything: intrigue, adventure, romance, and surprising twists that will keep you reading right until the last word.

The Blue is evocative, provocative and seductive. The only problem with it is that it’s just not long enough. And that it’s not me who was on that beach, that market, that boat. At least for a day or two. For the experience, you know.

Beware: major book hangover ahead. 

Unputdownable Factor: 10/10

Recommend Factor: 10/10

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