That Time Ford Made Me Go Further As an Improv Star

Sometimes things in the suburbs can get a little boring. It’s not that I totally hate living 35 minutes (2 hours in traffic) from downtown Toronto. Up here in the boonies we can walk around undisturbed at night, the police don’t need to travel in pairs, and can attend to the local movie theatre in pjs and a bun. Our hood is clean, spacious, and unfortunately, a little sedate.

And if I’m being honest, we don’t have anything good like downtown has.

Good meaning cool things to do.

So once in awhile we creatures of lazy habit look for our excitement elsewhere. We want to TRY MORE!

Now, if you’ve Ford Go Further in a Ford Focus Titaniumbeen reading me for a while you’ll know that I’m a bit of an attention-seeker. I crave the limelight and I may have been Amy Schumer in a past life. I’ve always wanted to see if I had what it takes on the stage by taking a class at Toronto’s Second City Improv School. Test driving a Ford Focus Platinum as part of my Ford #TryMore experience was the perfect time to do so.


Improv = nimble & agile

Ford Focus = nimble & agile


Match made in heaven.

Ford Go Further in a Ford Focus TitaniumI grabbed my bestie (You’ve read about her here) and we hopped in this comfy little compact to head downtown for our adventure. Usually I drive a big Ford Explorer, so it was a pleasure to scoot down the highway in this easy driving, reactive smaller vehicle. I hardly used any gas (bonus!) and didn’t worry about where I was going to park it or whether the spots would even be big enough (in fact, it parallel parks itself!)

Obviously we grabbed a quick dinner before our Improv lesson. My girl is a little shy until she gets a little delicious red inhibition killer into her so we ordered a little vino (don’t worry, I only had one glass because I was driving).


And then we showed up, giddy and… well… our normal usual selves to The Second City Improv drop-in class. They were expecting us (but weren’t expecting US, if you know what I mean).

Ford Go Further in a Ford Focus TitaniumSo what happened at the improv? Well, we joked around before and said that they weren’t going to know know what hit them. And they didn’t.

We were a good 15 years older than the oldest person there, which I think the other students found fascinating. And of course, during the course of the exercises, we brought up menopause, sexy panties, and a number of other sparkling topics.

Instructor: I think I’m going to have to separate you two. 

Me: Well, I don’t think that would be fun for anyone.

Instructor: Well, certainly not for you two.

Other student: I think they’re drunk.

Us, in our old lady voices: Well, I never...

And then there was the break where the dorkiest weirdo from the Level 2 class (for people with talent) tried to werk us. That was awkward….Especially when he asked where I live.

Ford Go Further in a Ford Focus TitaniumThey asked us to come back, obviously.

We want to, obviously.

Plus, our dream van was parked next to our Ford in the parking lot.


Even though I know you love hearing about me, I guess I should tell you a little about the car, right?

2015 Ford Focus

After doing a car personality quiz, Ford matched me up with the 2015 Ford Focus Titianium. Packed with features and technology, this compact hatchback 4-door vehicle is perfect for all kinds of lifestyles, and will take you from city mode to road trip fun. It’s great on fuel and comfortably appointed on the interior.

Some things I loved:

  • Great handling
  • Fabulous fuel efficiency
  • The new 2015 Focus offers a bold exterior design, an intuitive and upscale interior, a host of technologies uncommon for a compact car and the option of Ford’s award-winning 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine.Intelligent access and push button start (never search for your keys again)
  • Premium features like Active Park Assist, Blind Spot information system, and lane keeping system
  • Full connectivity with the SYNC and MyFord Touch allowing for both touch screen and voice control. One of the coolest features is the Do Not Disturb, which blocks incoming calls and text messages, enabling you to stay focused where it matters: on the road. Plus, the Nav system provides voice-guidance and turn-by-turn directions

One thing I didn’t: 

The back seat is a little small. I would fit, but I’m not sure about my 6 ft tall husband.

Ford Focus Titanium starts at $16,082. It’s a reat value and a fun drive, especially if your goal is to Try More. 

What do you think? Ready to Go Further?


Note: I was not compensated for writing this post. Ford provided me with a vehicle to test drive plus a fun #GoFurther experience. 

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