Achoo! Beat Winter Allergies with Rowenta

Achoo: Prevent Winter Allergies with Rowenta

If you run into me these days you’ll see me scratching at my hives, rubbing my red eyes, and blowing my stuffy nose.

While all you allergy sufferers are throwing a Burn the Kleenex Party I’m investing in cases of the stuff. This is because fall and winter are the worst time of year for me when it comes to my allergies. You’ve heard me say before (and I say it on my Twitter profile), but I’m literally allergic to housework. I even had the scratch test.

My allergies include dust, dust mites, and mold—all features of the winter household ecosystem. Sadly, you can lump my dogs into that club. But I don’t really care.

It’s gross to think about, but dust mites, pet dander, and mold are just floating around my house making me sick. I have a cleaning lady every week and she tries to keep it all under control, but sometimes when the furnace gets a blowing, well, I get sick. Sometime I even have to take to my bed.

I need help. I need my house to go beyond clean. So I went to Rowenta, creators of the quietest vacuum with the greatest pick-up,  for their top tips on reducing allergens in my home.


Believe it or not, your shoes and boots may be tracking in allergens from decaying leaves and yard waste, especially if there is not a lot of snow on the ground. 

What I do: I have a firm no shoes in the house policy. It even applies to grandparents. 


I like a roaring fire just lie the other guy, but wood stored outside acts like a Petri dish for mold, and bringing it indoors afterwards releases it into the air.

What I do: The experts recommend cutting wood and storing it immediately indoors. But I have a gas fireplace and that does the trick too.


Sheets and blankets can quickly collect allergens

What I do: I have allergy covers on my pillows and mattress. Sheets are washed once a week and the duvet and covers are cleaned every month. 

Vacuum!  Vacuum!  Vacuum!

Even daily isn’t too much when working hard to keep allergens from settling on carpets and flooring. If possible, always opt for flooring (with easily laundered throw rugs, if you prefer) as opposed to extensive carpeting, so allergens have less of a chance of accumulating.

What I do: I have low pile carpet upstairs (saving for hardwood, trust me) and wood or tile everywhere else. The carpets are vacuumed thoroughly every week, which isn’t enough. But since I can’t do it myself, it’s the best it’s going to get. I also have an industrial strength air cleaner in my bedroom.


According to the experts, humidity should registers at between 30% –  50 %. Too little moisture can irritate nasal passages, but too much causes mold and mildew.

What I do: We have a humidifier on the furnace and I have anothr one in my bedroom. I could get a hygrometer (a device that measures humidity) to make sure I’m on track. I’ll get on that.

Do you suffer from indoor allergies like I do? I want to help relieve your suffering. So I asked Rowenta if they would gift one of you with a Delta Force Extreme 18V stick vacuum valued at $279.99.

Rowenta Delta Force Extreme 18VThis vacuum leads the charge for bagless, cordless stick vacuums. I’m not one to wax poetic about cleaning, but I will say it’s kinda sexy looking, with its French design and all.

It boasts Rowenta’s Silence Force Multi-Cyclonic system: 

Maxi Turbo Brush: ideal for picking up large particles of dust and pet hair

Mini Turbo Brush: picking up the maximum amount of dirt, dust and pet hair possible

Telescopic Crevice Tool: getting into all of those long-overdue furniture nooks and crannies

Easy Brush Duster: scratch-preventing with soft fibres at its head and ideal for use on stainless steel, marble, glass and other hard surfaces

More specs:

  • Long-lasting NiMH battery with up to 40 minutes of running time on minimum speed (30 minutes on maximum)
  • Powerful cyclonic technology effectively separates fine particles from dust in the air 
  • 2 speeds (floor and carpet) to meet individual cleaning needs
  • Slim and flexible head to get into corners and under low furniture
  • Easy-to-remove dust container (0.5 L capacity)  with a dual option for dust emptying
  • 2 year warranty

Fore more info about Rowenta, visit their website.

Happy allergy-free vacuuming!


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