UnPause A Child’s Life With Sick Kids and Gift a Gift that Matters

UnPause With Sick Kids and Gift a Gift that Matters

The Hospital for Sick Children is close to my heart. We all have our stories about how wonderful Sick Kids is, but I’ve got 3. Too many in my mind, but luckily all with happy endings. My brother has a congenital heart defect and spent a lot of time there as a child. My niece, a Cancer survivor, received the most examplar care at Sick Kids. My daughter had a mystery illness and the incredible doctors, nurses and technicians diagnosed her when nobody else could, and made us feel like they really cared during what had been a difficult time.

Even though my daughter’s illness was fleeting and she recovered well (after 3 weeks), I had a small taste of the stress and worry of having a sick child. It’s true that when a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, the whole world is put on pause. Nothing else matters. Everything but that child’s healthcare is irrelevant and stops.

Sick Kids helps to Unpause kids’ lives.

Sick Kids always features real patient stories in their fundraising campaigns. As mothers, parents, and humans we all get emotionally involved. We wonder how they’re doing afterwards, and if they’ve received their happily ever after. 

Life on Pause in Support of Sick Kids Hospital

This December The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is sharing the stories of six children whose lives have been put “on pause”. Donors can “unpause” their stories by making a donation online. When each video’s donation goal—which is tied to their story—is reached, the video will be unlocked and we’ll see the end of the story.

Think you can’t afford it? It’s the number of donations that matter, not the amount. 

Remember  Kael, the seven year-old boy with a rare immune disorder? He spent 440 days at Sick Kids. Thanks to the support of donors, SickKids was able to change his life and literally unpause his story. 

But, there are many other children who still need support. That’s why I’m sharing this information. Give a gift that really matters this holiday season and make a real, tangible difference in a child’s life.

The six videos featured here update us with the 6 SickKids families that we met during 2014. As people donate, their stories will be unPaused and we’ll be able to see how they’re doing.

Meet Charlize

Get to know the other 4 children:

Finlay,  Taylum, Liam & Gabriel 

Each story is unlocked by a certain number of donations (TO DONATE CLICK HERE), and each number is specific to the patient’s story. Remember: Any amount counts. It’s the number of donations and no donation is too small.

Together, we can unpause these children’s lives.

Learn more. 



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