Why Alicia Florrick is My Role Model

Why Alicia Florrick is My Life Goals Idol

Over the winter break I watched all six seasons of The Good Wife on Netflix. It was the best of times and it it was a LOT of episodes. I was NOT a Good Wife (or mother) while I watched. But I didn’t care.

FYI: 22 episodes x 44 minutes x 6 seasons = 5,808 minutes.

5,808 minutes/60 minutes = 96.8 hours

However, all that time spent was not for naught because I learned a lot. About the law, life, and how to be Alicia Florrick.

She’s my idol.

You see, I’m an emotional, hot-headed, over-reacting, messy, procrastinating, disorganized pushover.

Alicia is none of those things.

In fact, Alicia is the opposite. She’s the reason that the #LifeGoals hashtag was created. If I could be anyone else I would be her (except for the whole husband + prostitutes thing. That part of her life is undesirable to me).

Alicia Florrick is calm, composed, responsible and organized. She always looks tidy and her hair always looks nice and smooth. Glossy too. Like she just had a blow-out. She never has black eyeliner making it’s way down her face, even when she’s banging her boss.

Alicia is sensitive and calm, but nobody knows it. She’s got nerves of steel, especially when she’s being stabbed in the back. This is because she’s usually one step ahead of everyone else, at least intellectually. And when she’s not one step ahead, she sneaks around the short cut and ends up out front anyways.

Alicia might have enemies but she doesn’t hold a grudge. She even respects people she doesn’t like and can be kind when the situation calls for it, even if it’s someone who would willlingly trip her when she’s not looking.

Alicia is an overprotective mother but somehow she manages to carry it off without seeming like that woman in the playground who shovels the sand for her child or calls her kids university professors to check on their grades. She punishes her children with flair and stands by her convictions even when she knows she’s overreacted. She might seem like she’s overlooking it when they go behind her back and do what they want anyways.  But she always finds out and makes them sorry in a way that makes them never want to do it again. Alicia Florrick’s kids would never call her names behind her back. I’m sure that her rivals (and friends do), but she doesn’t really give a crap.

Alicia can manage her mother-in-law in a rather impressive way. I don’t have trouble in that area, but if I did, I would want to do it just she does. Without fear. Without compunction.

Why Alicia Florrick is My Life Goals IdolAlicia attracts the sexiest men. But she’s able to restrain herself. She knows how to separate sex from emotion, and when she gives up what she wants it feels more like a smart move and less like martydrom.

Alicia doesn’t get mad but she definitely gets even. She knows what she wants and sets out to get it and if she doesn’t get it she doesn’t lose her shit either. She just takes a breath, smiles calmly, picks up her tidy little notebook and classic handbag, and exits the room. The quieter she is, the more scared you should be.

Admirable. #LifeGoals

Why Alicia Florrick is My Life Goals

Alicia Florrick drinks like a sailor but holds her liquor like a boss. She’s equally comfortable slinging wine, whiskey, or tequila. She loves to hang out in bars but isn’t shy to pour her a great big glass at home. And when her kid questions her drinking, she pours more.

Alicia Florrick has the most gorgeous apartment and keeps it in immaculate condition. Everything has its place and every place has its things. Her decor is so on point.

Why Alicia Florrick is My Life Goals IdolAlicia Florrick wears the best suits. She alsways looks put together even in her slobby clothes. Note: her slobby clothes are immaculately creased jeans and silk blouses. Again, #LifeGoals

Most of all, even though Alicia Florrick can keep her cool, moderate her voice and wear her poker face like she’s about to win the million dollar celebrity poker tournament, she does have feelings and shows them when she needs to. Even though some might think she’s cold, I think she shows immense restraint and control.

Why Alicia Florrick is My Life Goals Idol

And I could use a little of that.

Have you watched The Good Wife? Do you love Alicia Florrick?

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