On the Gift of Womanhood

On the Gift of Womanhood

Today is one International Women’s Day. It’s one of 365 days in the year to recognize and support the value, beauty and strength in women. While I think we all need to to that every single day, today, the named day, today is the day I want to talk about it.

I’ve had a reminder that there are a lot of women don’t understand the gift of womanhood. It is that: a gift. We’re lucky. Sure, we have to put up with periods, and moods, and incontinence, but to me, being a women is a gift. We are intuitive, multi-tasking, problem solving super powers. The relationships we can forge and the care we can give each other is immeasurable. But there are too many woman who will tear others down and hurt them to further themselves.

It makes me sad, put simply. There’s no other word for it.

I’ve spend the last 2 1/2 years of my life working with my friend and partner Randi to createBrazenwoman & the BrazenWoman.com – The Brazen Insiders, a community of women who are likeminded in their relentless pursuit of being themselves and being there for each other.

It’s important work, I think, even though we often talk about lipgloss and ankle boots. Because we women need this. We need a reminder to be there for other women, all women, unapologetically, 100% of the time.

The world is tough. There are going to be those who are against us, who’ll judge us or try to take our happiness away if we’ll let them. They’ll try to push us down to raise themselves, or steal what’s ours, or send us down the the wrong path so they can take the right one.

So this is my message for International Women’s Day, and every day of the year. And it’s for us women. It’s about taking control of our behaviour and our relationships.

Find women you love and who love you back. There’s nothing that fills your cup like the true friendship of a woman who cares for you without reserve.

Be there for other women and let them be there for you. Build a circle of trust that is inviolable and then take pains not to violate it.

Support other women in their lives and pursuits. Cheer them on instead of tearing them down. Admit and accept your envy at their success, because you’re human and honesty is the foundation of any true friendship. Then help them towards success, and recognize that by helping them you’re helping yourself too.

Be honest with other women, but be kind too. Tell the truth, tell them what they need to know and know what they want to know. And be open to receiving the same, knowing that truths from your women are given with love and not with subtext.


Be careful with another woman’s happiness. Know that by taking what’s hers you’re destroying a little piece of your own womanhood too. Because in the end, we are all one, and we need to stand by each other.

Find women you love and who love you back. There's nothing that fills your cup like the true friendship of a woman who cares for you without reserve. (1)

Put yourself and your own needs first, but never at the expense of another woman’s joy. Be careful not to break another woman’s spirit down, especially to rise your own up. Breaking her spirit will never rest well with you, no matter how many different ways you explain it to yourself.

Be mindful of your tongue and how words can wound. Know that at the centre of even the hardest woman is a tender girl. Know that just because you didn’t choose a woman as part of your circle or you weren’t chosen to be in theirs doesn’t mean they don’t have value. Let them be. Remove hate from your heart. It’s toxic.

Be around other women who help you create the life that you want and that you deserve.

I know that I have.

Share this with a woman who makes you feel the same.



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