Get Your Gluten-Free Snack Satisfaction, Crispy-Style

Get Your Gluten-Free Snack Satisfaction, Crispy Minis-Style

A few years ago my mom developed some serious stomach issues. After months and months of testing, they determined that she had developed a kind of Colitis. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it was bad. Sadly, she developed a number of food sensitivities and intolerances, which really screwed up her love affair with food. TheGet Your Gluten-Free Snack Satisfaction, Crispy Minis-Style list of what she could eat was a lot shorter than what she couldn’t: most raw fruits and vegetables, dairy, and gluten.

Luckily she didn’t have Celiac Disease, but she did have a serious gluten intolerance. If she ate anything with gluten in it, she would get stomach disturbances including gas, bloating, pain and diarrhea. Plus, she’d get peeling rashes all over her face.

It totally sucked. Especially since my cupboard was filled with delicious gluten-full snacks and she couldn’t have any of it when she was visiting. And my mother does like a nice snack. So I had to go buy her some.

When this happened to her I didn’t realize that more than 330,000 Canadians are believed to be affected by Celiac disease, and of those, only approximately 110,000 are diagnosed. This number doesn’t even include people like my mother who have a sensitivity or intolerance, and not the actual disease.

Crispy Minis Salt & VinegarOnce I was aware of her food needs, I started to notice what was out there for her to eat. Ever the conscious hostess, I wanted to make sure that she could have whatever we were having, which meant packing my cupboard with gluten-free products. Ideally, I was looking for items that we all could enjoy, so I didn’t have to buy everything twice (2 kinds of pasta, 2 kinds of breadcrumbs, 2 kinds of crackers… you get the picture). Also on the wish list was taste. This last one was because in my shopping expeditions I realized two things about gluten-free food:

  1. It’s expensive. Sometimes 2 or 3 times more than it’s gluten-full counterpart
  2. It has a strange texture or tastes weird

This fact soured my opinion of GFree. I told my mother to just forget about eating good snacks ever.

And then I discovered that something I’d been purchasing forever and already had in my cupboard— Crispy Minis —are certified gluten-free by the Canadian Celiac Association.

I was excited. Oddly so, since I am as gluten-full as it gets (with an extreme amount of compassion for those who are not).

The best part? I didn’t need to develop a taste for a new snack! I was eating them long before I realized my mother could eat them. I already liked Crispy Minis before I found out that they’re the ideal snack for Canadians who have celiac disease, or a gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

This was a dream. I didn’t have to compromise. At all. My mom and I could share a bag of snacks. In a delicious way. With many different flavours too. And she didn’t have stare longingly at what I had. I didn’t need to snack in the bathroom with the door locked anymore!


Crispy Minis deliver the crunch we’re looking for when we’ve forgone celery and carrots. Crispy Minis rice chips, tortilla style rice chips and large rice cakes are all gluten-free options  and come in tons of delicious flavours to satisfy every salty or sweet snack craving. Try Cheddar Cheese, Crunchy Dill, or iconic Canadian Classic Ketchup. Smooth your favourite spread on large rice cakes like White Cheddar or Butter Popcorn. Or even beat your tortilla addiction in a healthier, lower calorie way with Cheesy Nacho and Smoky Chipotle.

Seriously. You’re going to get addicted. And your gluten-free friends are going to love you.

I’m not crispin’ you.

Crispy Minis are made by Quaker. This post was generously sponsored by Quaker and Crispy Minis so that I could encourage delicious, gluten-free snacking for everyone.

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