Sex Over 40: You’re in Your Prime but Someone Forgot to Tell Your Body


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Most of my friends are over 40. And most of them are getting some. For reals. They’re all sexually active. (They also poop. Did you know everybody poops?)

Are you blushing? Well, stop. I’m about to talk about sex over 40, and you’re not going to stop me. No birds, no bees, just nookie.

Sex Over 40: You’re in Your Prime but Someone Forgot to Tell Your Body

Author’s note: I can see your kids cringing if they’re reading this over your shoulder. Because of course we’re their MOTHERS. This one time, I was changing in my closet and my son walked in when I was topless. He took one look at my boobs and yelled, “EW!!” and I responded, “Well, I’m changing in my closet, I think I’m allowed.”

So yeah. Sex over 40. We like it. A lot. I think you’ll agree—at least I hope so. But it’s also different. A whole lotta different.

It’s funny. When we were young and in our glory days we were so cocky. We had it going on and we knew it. Our bodies were just made for lovin’. Then came the baby years and we weren’t so sure anymore. We were exhausted and covered in stretch marks and baby puke. That last thing we wanted was a night made for love. Even Marvin Gaye couldn’t get us going. We were still young, but we didn’t realize what kind of good times we were wasting.

And then came 40. At this point, we realized that it was time to get over looking for perfection in our bodies and be grateful instead for whichever bits were fighting gravity like a boss. We knew were were mature, smart, and sexy in all kinds of ways our 20-year old selves could never imagine. There’s a reason all the younger men think we hold all the mysteries (we do – and nobody likes a drama queen but they do like a lacy thong and a woman who knows how to wear it.)

But yet there were things happening with our hot bods we just couldn’t ignore. Forget the outward physical changes like wrinkles, sun spots and that weird elephant skin on our formerly firm biceps. The real changes were the ones fully attributable to our rampant hormones. And we thought puberty was bad.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? The second we’re in our prime, feeling sexier than all get out, our ovaries betray us. Sure, menopause sounds great. No more periods. Who needs to spend money on tampons anyways? But the other symptoms of “The Meno” are rather unpleasant, especially when it comes to the almighty booty call with our significant other (or others. No judgement here ladies. We’re too old for that). Forget wicked PMS, irregular or Mt. Vesuvius like periods, bloating, mood swings and hot flashes.

I’m talking about the Sahara Desert conditions down there. Probably the most frustrating symptom of them all.

It’s amazing how our minds can be wanting one thing while our bodies have a completely different idea.

Are you glad I brought it up? I know you are, because vaginal dryness during sex isn’t really something we discuss over coffee and bagels. Which is too bad. Because it’s a situation that affects many of us women as we approach what our grandmothers affectionately called ‘The Change’. And dryness is not something anyone has to live with, especially if it’s interfering with our nocturnal activities.

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You won’t be sorry. And you can take that to the bank…or the lingerie store.

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Although this post has been generously sponsored by K-Y Canada, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect opinions of the K-Y Canada brand or the Reckitt Benckiser (Canada), Inc.



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