Got a Kid Who Cooks? The Kids Kitchen Catastrophe Contest!

Ontario Turkey Kids Kitchen Catastrophe

One of my goals as a mother was to encourage my kids to join me in the kitchen.Who doesn’t want a little sous chef around? As they got older, I hoped they would develop a love of cooking like I have. Feeding yourself—and later your family —is an essential life skill.

My daughter, unfortunately, does not enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.

My middle boy can toss some pots and pans around and get by at university, even though he pretty much cooks one thing and eats it for a week.

Ontario Turkey Kids Kitchen CatastropheAnd the youngest, well he is my pride and joy when it comes to culinary skills. Not only does he love to eat, but boy, can this kid cook. He even outshines me sometimes. From growing his own ghost peppers for hot sauce, to homemade bbq sauce to giant pressed Muffaletta sandwiches and kitchen sink pasta creations, he continually shows creativity when it comes to food. A couple of weeks ago he even asked me to teach him to make challah and Matzo Ball soup. The Jewish mother in me swelled with joy. 

I just wish he was young enough to enter Ontario Turkey’s new contest! He’d be a sure fire winner. But since he can’t, I thought I would tell you about it.

Do you have a child like mine with a passion for cooking? Do they also have a vibrant TV-ready personality? If they’ve always dreamed of being in show biz, now’s their chance to take their acting skills and kitchen confidence to the next level.

The Opportunity: Ontario Turkey is casting kids age 9 to 13 to star in their fun and hopefully hilarious Kids Kitchen Catastrophe videos.

The Win: Your son or daughter brushing up on their kitchen skills with TV personality and Home Economist Emily Richards PLUS a gift package valued at $550 CDN.

How to Enter:  

  1. Fill out the entry form. Get more info on and the submission form at 
  2. Submit the entry form along with a 60 second (maximum) video starring your child where they xxplain why they’d love the chance for a one-on-one cooking lesson and how they’d use their new culinary expertise at home. Get creative, make it fun—show us how much the camera loves your kid!

How to Win: The top five submissions will be voted for publicly on the Ontario Turkey Facebook page. The votes collected by Facebook “Likes” will determine the three kids being featured in film. The finalist will attend a filmed cooking class on Saturday, May 27 or Sunday, May 28, 2017, conducted by Home Economist Emily Richards, where they will learn how to make several delicious, nutritious, and family-friendly meals. The gift package includes an assortment of Ontario Turkey branded merchandise and a Sobeys gift card (valued at $150 CDN).

Deadline for Submissions: April 1, 2017

Ready to get cooking, turkey lovers?

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