8 Reasons I Think Both You and My Daughter Should Watch Girl Boss

Why I Think Both You and My Daughter Should Watch Girl Boss

I moved March 21. And since then, I haven’t had a tv. Seriously. I know. Not really what you’d expect from a TV addict. Why?  Since I’m renovating my house, it didn’t make sense to mount the TV on the wall before I painted. But do you think I’ve been going without my boob tube fix? NO WAY! I’ve literally been watching Netflix on my ipad. It’s a little awkward and much smaller than my 55 inch, but needs must, right?

Netflix on my iPad has literally been my saviour whilst living in a filthy construction zone. Of all the things I’ve been doing in my bed—the only place to sit in my house—(working, eating, sleeping) and NOT doing (use your imagination), watching Netflix is definitely the top number one distraction.

Anyways, I’ve watched some really terrible movies and some great ones and also some excellent shows. Of course I caught up on Call the Midwife and I don’t need to recap why I love that show so much. I’ve also been making my way through The Blacklist (why did I never watch it before?). But then, I discovered Girl Boss. And there was no going back.

So what’s Girl Boss and why have I strongly suggested to everyone I know that they should to watch it? Well, as billed, it’s a fictionalized re-telling of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amuroso’s rise from 23 year old ne’er do well to fashion magnate. Loosely based on her memoir of the same name, Girl Boss is pure, fun entertainment. With a few lessons to boot.

I was attracted to the show because:

  1. It looked fun and I’m fun generally, but due to my move and the subsequent living in my bed, I needed some more fun in my life
  2. I’m immature and as my children like to point out, I like to watch TV shows and movies intended for teenagers (Hello, Vampire Diaries)
  3. From the preview, the show looked sassy and I’m pretty sassy

I stayed with the show because:

  1. I have a 23 year old daughter who started her own business and I gained valuable insight into her psyche
  2. It has some of the best characters and one liners I’ve come across in a long while
  3. It has amazing fashion (Sophia starts her business reselling vintage clothes on eBay)
  4. I couldn’t have stopped watching even if I tried

I’ve now recommended Girl Boss to everyone I know. Especially my daughter.

Here’s are 8 reason why I want her—and you— to watch it.

Check the jacket. And Sophia’s attitude. Both are stellar. I want this jacket. And this attitude. This is the attitude of a girl who doesn’t let shit get her down. Live it, be it, become it. 

Sophia knows how to celebrate her successes. See those dolla bills? She does other things with them too. Daughter, don’t do those other things. But enjoy the feeling of making money for yourself, by yourself, with the power of your brains and your hands. 

Sophia knows how to werk it to get what she wants. She knows what her shit’s worth, and doesn’t accept less. I’m not good at that and I want my daughter to be better at it too. 

Sophia knows that being an adult sometimes sucks. I’ve had to adult a lot in the last year and it’s not as much fun as it looks. But, as they say in the deep south, Get ‘Er Done. Just be a grownup when you need to, and play the rest of the time.


Sophia knows that you can’t do all the things on your own. She tries, but then she realizes you get by with a lotta help from your friends. Hos before bros, ladies. Daughter, get some good friends and stick by them. And don’t betray the sisterhood.  


Sophia exhibits resilience and grit, qualities that can be lacking in today’s youth (says my old lady mouth). She gets beat down and just picks herself up again. Life’s not always going to go our way. Let’s be better at this. 

Take advantage of the wisdom of older generations, like for example when I give you advice, daughter. What starts out as a random conversation in the park turns into a frank (and weird friendship). This old lady tells it like it is, and who doesn’t need to be told, once in a while? I know I do.

Get yourself a GBFF. Or just a best friend of the opposite sex. Honey, there’s value at seeing situations through a different lense (NVM RuPaul in Girl Boss is a revelation. But that’s not a lesson in life. That’s just great casting, better writing, and stellar delivery.) 


Have I convinced you? Or have you already watched Girl Boss? What did you think?



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