* CONTEST* Star Wars Wants to Know: Who’s Your Daddy?

When one of my sisters was pregnant for the fourth time (don’t worry, they’ve figured out what’s causing it….), the couple wondered one thing: would their baby be another girl, or would they finally break the trend and have a boy.

It was hard for my brother-in-law. Don’t get me wrong. He absolutely adored all of his daughters. But think about it: a total man’s man into construction, sports, gambling, and whiskey living an estrogen and hair bow filled existence. He was so outnumbered.

And then, it happened. For the first time the doctor was able to call out, “It’s a Boy!”.

Who's Your Daddy? Not Darth Vader And guess what they named him. You got it. Luke. Why? So my brother-in-Law could look him in the face and say, in a deep, strong voice “Luke. I am your Father.”

Funny how a movie can make such a big impact on people’s lives. And while my BIL will certainly be getting 5 Father’s Day cards this year, especially from little Luke, I’m pretty sure Darth Vader won’t be getting one.

This is a time to celebrate Dads and their kids in everyday moments. So here’s a fun Happy ‘I Am Your Father’s Day’ video from the team at Disney and Star Wars. Whether you’re a regular fan or you take it all away, let’s honour the moments in our family’s lives where we connect over a love for each other (and the intergalactic series).

 To celebrate all of the Daddies in our lives who do a much better job than Darth Vader, I’ve got a really fun prize pack valued at over $150. If you’ve got a grown up Star Wars fan in your house, he’s going to love this stuff. 
Note: I was compensated for sharing this super-fun video and contest with you! All stories and opinions are my own. 

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