Atchoo! How to Stay Two Steps Ahead in Cold and Flu Season

How to Stay Ahead of Cold and Flu Season

Oh yeah. It’s November. Where did the time go? We had such a gorgeous fall that it seemed that the seasonal, chilly weather was never going to actually show up.

But now it has, and with sweater weather comes sore throats and runny noses. And the start of cold and flu season. Luckily, there are easy ways to protect you and your family from coming down with what I affectionately call ‘the plague’. Seriously,with proper care and a lot of TLC you can say goodbye to cold and flu symptoms in as little as three days. Plus, by taking some preventative steps, you can head off flu season at the pass, and hopefully not get sick at all.

Practice healthy eating: Maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will help keep you healthy. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up and give your body all its recommended nutrients. To help keep pace with your hectic schedule, take a multivitamin to help support your immune system. Forget swallowing big pills. Instead try the yummy gummy. I like Vitafusion Women’s Complete Multivitamin (it also comes in a men’s formulation) because it tastes great and keeps me grooving.

Be active: Keep your body moving every day. I practice yoga nearly every day. I also take my dogs for a brisk walk, no matter what the temperature. If the gym is your thing, great! Regardless, try to do around 30 minutes of physical activity a day to keep your immune system strong and your stress levels low.

Combat stress: Talking about keeping your stress levels low… Doing this is so important. Stress can affect how your immune system functions and a weakened system can lead to colds and the flu. To keep your immune system strong, make sure to get plenty of rest and downtime. Relaxing is good for the soul and for the bod, so put your feet up on the regular– not just when you’re sick!

How to Stay Ahead of Cold and Flu SeasonDrink plenty of liquids: Fluids in general will keep your machine running strong. But hot drinks can help soothe a sore throat, loosen congestion and flush out any bacteria in your system. Drinking plenty of water also helps to prevent dehydration and replace fluids lost from a fever or respiratory infection. I like to start the day off with a big class of hot lemon water, and then keep a bottle of H2O in hand all the day long. User tip: Get a big cup with a straw. For some reason, it’s easier to drink water from a straw.

Rest and recuperate: If your efforts to keep healthy were in vain and you’ve got the bug, make sure to rest up and let your body heal. Of course you’ll need lots of chicken soup and tissues, and a movie marathon is good for the soul too. Try speeding up your recovery with Gravol™ Multi-symptom Cold & Fever.  This natural health product is an all-in-one anti-nauseant, pain reliever and fever reducer. The medicinal ingredients that make this formula so effective are Ginger and Willow Bark extracts, traditional herbal medicines used for centuries.

Know when to see a doctor: The symptoms of different viruses and bacterial infections can be very similar and often confusing, which is why it’s important to know when to see a doctor. If you don’t start to feel better after a few days, your symptoms worsen or you’re in a high-risk group to develop flu symptoms , you should see your doctor.

Tip: If it turns out that you have a bacterial, not viral, infection, your doctor may put you on antibiotics. While they’re essential for fighting your illness, for some women antibiotics can also affect good bacteria (also known as vaginal flora) making them susceptible to bacterial vaginosis (BV). This condition can cause discomfort, discharge and itching. If you’re prone to BV when taking a prescription medication, try RepHresh™ Pro-B Probiotic. Just 1 oral capsule daily while using oral antibiotics can help treat bacterial vaginosis and help maintain vaginal flora in a normal range.

Need a reminder? Click on the image to enlarge this infographic and post on your fridge. Health tips and reminders are always welcome, right?

What are some of your cold and flu season health tips?

How to Stay Ahead of Cold and Flu Season


Note: I’m part of the Church & Dwight Ambassador program. While I was compensated for writing this post, all opinions are my own. 

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