Welcome to my world! Would you like to work with me? If you’d like to check me out before you say yes, visit me on Twitter (@chickymara), Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn (oh yeah, I get around. Sure, you can call me a girl. I’m pretty short and not easily offended.)


Like what you see?


Then there are few things you should know.


  • I love to work with authors, publishers, and brands. And from what I hear, they like to work with me. That’s because I’m professional and have no filter a lot of fun!
  •  I honour my deadlines and commitments.
  • While I’m pretty much an Anything Goes type of gal, there are a few things I won’t write about, and they include topics, products, or services that promote negativity, racism or hatred. #OneLove, y’all.
  • While I’m not a ‘giveaway’ or ‘review’ blog, I am open to running contests in conjunction with another program or to build our relationship (I’m not really into one-night stands). Even if it’s *just* a contest, I’ll still try to put some Chicky into it such as this one for Tim Hortons that generated 53,000 impressions in 18 hours, or this one for Staples that was the shizz (I HATE MATH).
  • Submitting a product to me without prior agreement, doesn’t guarantee it will be reviewed, nor does it guarantee a positive review.
  • Your product or book may be reviewed as it’s own post, or as part of a roundup (such as this one)


I write about the following, other than what goes on in my head (which is super interesting):


  • Books & authors
  • Parenting teenagers (You’ll find my unsolicited parenting advice in my Tips from an Old Mom section)
  • Healthy living
  • Cooking and recipes
  • Home appliances & household products, electronics
  • Cars
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment, Travel and Experiences (I love to travel to amazing places and try out new and fun things, especially if my teenagers can come. But, I’m a chicken and really bad at sports. I am also very afraid of snakes, so keep that in mind when planning an adventure for me.)


People rely on me for my opinion, so I ‘m always honest. I can’t write up every single event I attend, but rest assured I will social media the heck out of it because I like to.


In general, my tone is humorous and lighthearted. I do get serious once in a while, though. I may swear occasionally on this blog, but it’s never gratuitous. It’s always ON PURPOSE and NECESSARY (sometimes it is! I promise!)


Feel free to contact me at marashaps@rogers.com for:

  • Media Appearances
  • Interviews on any of the above topics (especially parenting teenagers)
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Customized social media training


Services available:

  • News and events promotion (like this one from Loft Canada)
  • Brand Ambassadorships (short or long-term)
  • Product reviews
  • Selected contests & giveaways
  • Live tweeting at your event
  • Social Media training
  • Public speaking
  • Twitter party organization and hosting
  • Brand ambassador programs 


2014 Brand Alliances

Netflix Canada StreamTeam

Maple Leaf Foods, sponsored content

Rogers Media, SI Ambassador

SodaStream #BetterBubbles Ambassador

Participaction/Coca Cola Mothers for Movement Ambassador


If you would like to work with me in a professional capacity or you require social media consulting, please visit me on my LinkedIn. If it’s urgent, you can call me at (416) 939-2113, or DM me @chickymara. But not for dates. I’m already married.