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Why I Blog

This is my 101st post.  A momentous occasion, right?  I have to say, even though I’ve stuck with this ‘hobby’ for a while, sometimes I wonder why I
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A Case of Blog Dystentery

flux noun 1. a flowing or flow. 2. the flowing in of the tide. 3. continuous change, passage, or movement verb (used with object) 7. to melt; make fluid. 8. to fuse by the use of flux. 9. Obsolete . to purge. Origins of the word late 14c., from O.Fr. flux, from L. fluxus, pp. of fluere “to flow”(see fluent).  Originally “excessive flow” (of blood or excrement); an early  name for “dysentery;” sense of”continuous succession of changes” is first recorded 1620s. I’ve been thinking on this blog. And on my other
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I’m WRITING! I SWEAR! (image source In the vein of my friend Lynn at AllFooked up, I’m going to provide you a list of everything that I’m doing
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